“Ogliastra-Isola della Longevità”, in Milan the event between cinema and photography to live a hundred years

L’Ogliastra is one of the five Blue zone in the world. Director Pietro Mereu traveled between the towns of Arzana, Baunei, Talana, Urzulei and Villagrande Strisaili, in Ogliastra, one of the most isolated areas of Sardinia, to know the people of over one hundred years old who live there and document all the testimonies. The centenarians of Ogliastra, one of the highest percentages in the world, live their existence in a simple way, enjoying the favorable climate of the area and are punctually reached by doctors from all over the planet who try to discover the secret of their longevity. The premises of Scalo Lambrate, in Milan, will host the initiative “Ogliastra- Island of Longevity”, dedicated to the centenarians, to be held next 2 December.

The event, a free entry with confirmation to the e-mail address [email protected], it has been organised by the Mater Dea Cultural Association, chaired by the director Always flanked by the vice president and event planner Ludovica Piras, and avails itself of the patronage of the municipalities of the Sardinian Blue zone: Arzana, Baunei, Talana, Urzulei, Villagrande and by the Formidabile Lambrate Association, by Municipality 3, by the Municipality of Milan and, furthermore, supported by the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation. «The idea stems from the need to contribute to making known the exceptional characteristics of the Ogliastra territory, beyond the easy spectacle of numbers and the exceptional nature of the phenomenon..- says Mereu – The longevity of the blue zone is an important attraction, not only for tourism but also usable for the repopulation of the entire Ogliastra and Sardinia. I decided to propose this event linked to my documentary to the administrators and companies of the area and I was pleasantly surprised by the compact front of all. I am thinking of an itinerant format that travels around the various Italian and foreign cities with the aim of disseminating the values ​​and peculiarities of the land of the centenarians».

The appointment will start at 18.00 with welcome greetings. Next, the documentary by Pietro Mereu “The club of the centenarians”, which tells the daily life of some centenarian elderly people from Ogliastra and some scientists who try to discover and justify the causes of this phenomenon. We will then move on to round table-talkWhat will the future of the Blue Zones be?”To deepen the issue with the leading experts on longevity. Moderate the TV presenter Angela Rafanelli, among the panel speakers: Gianni Pes -Blue zone finder, Giovanni Scapagnini – Doctor, researcher, Anadela Serra Visconti – Doctor, TV presenter, Pietro Mereu – Director, Raffaele Sestu – Doctor of the centenarians, Filippo Mattu – Health technician expert in physical exercise and sports nutrition, Marcello Romeo – Doctor, researcher.

In addition, the new one project by Pietro MereuI want to be centenary “. In a world obsessed with healthy food and longevity, this documentary aims to show the application of a model, such as that of Sardinian centenary communities, in a complex urban context such as that of Milan. The screening is part of the collateral events of the exhibition Longevicity: Crossing Communities – Milan / Tokyo – photographs by Laura Liverani, which concludes the path of the Longevicity research projectof the University of Milano-Bicocca, Supported by Cariplo Foundation and coordinated by Stefania Bandini. The cross-disciplinary research project on the future of long-lived cities, conducted between Milan and Tokyo, will be exhibited in the spaces of Scalo Lambrate from November 28, 2021 to January 6, 2022. The themes proposed by the series of events of the public program are in dialogue with the works on display, creating a place for meeting, sharing and participation on issues related to the themes of active aging, open to all citizens.

Finally, there will be the Aperitif of the Centenaries, all those present will be invited to discover and taste a selection of wines from Ogliastra winery, cheeses from Silvio Boi Dairy, cured meats of Gennargentu farms, culurgiones del Arra pasta factory and bread of Ferreli bakery, straight from the land of longevity. Main Sponsor Energit Gas and Light, Technical Sponsors Valsambro Laboratory AnalysisMitochon Dermocosmetics.

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