A Suspended Panettone Returns to Milan For Those Who Can’t Buy It

A Suspended Panettone Returns to Milan For Those Who Can’t Buy It
A Suspended Panettone Returns to Milan For Those Who Can’t Buy It

Also this year from 7 to 21 December in sixteen pastry shops in Milan it will be possible to leave a panettone “pending”, a gesture of solidarity to those who have much less.

The initiative is promoted by the non-profit Association, and also this year sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, has in fact the aim of collecting and donating panettone to people in a state of poverty, marginalization or loneliness in the city of Milan to allow them to celebrate Christmas with traditional dessert.

The Panettone Sospeso Association involves some of the most renowned or historic pastry shops in the Milanese capital. (16 signs for a total of 26 points of sale) anyone will be able to buy a panettone and leave it “already paid for” waiting to be donated to those less fortunate. For each panettone left “pending”, the pastry shops will add another, thus doubling the actual donation.

On Christmas Eve all the “suspended panettone” will be delivered to the Social Guardians of the Municipality of Milan, social workers active in the various Municipalities and therefore well informed on situations of fragility or precariousness regarding the elderly, minors, young people and adults, and at Casa Jannacci, the Casa dell’Accoglienza in Viale Ortles which offers assistance to the homeless.

“We strongly support – declares the councilor for Welfare and Health Lamberto Bertolè – the initiative of the Suspended Panettone which has now become a fixed appointment, a gift with which Milan makes its closeness felt to those who need it most even during the Christmas holidays . TO

Like last year, even those who do not live in Milan will be able to support the Association and leave their contribution “at a distance” through a donation on the panettonesospeso.org website: the money raised will then be “transformed” into panettone. A virtual gesture that will become real solidarity.

“Last Christmas – explain Gloria Ceresa and Stefano Citterio, creators and founders of the Panettone Sospeso Association – the generosity of the many people who contributed to the collection allowed us to donate almost 3,000 panettone, practically doubling the quantity of the first edition in 2019.

Here are the pastry shops where you can donate the “suspended panettone”:

  1. Alvin’s (via Melchiorre Gioia 141)
  2. Baunilla (piazza Alvar Aalto, corso Garibaldi 55, via Broletto 55)
  3. Cake l’Hub – The Sweets of Paradise (via Luigi Mengoni 3)
  4. Davide Longoni (via Gerolamo Tiraboschi 19, via Fratelli Bronzetti 2, via Tertulliano 68, Suffragio Market – piazza Santa Maria del Suffragio, Central Market, Contrada Govinda via Valpetrosa 5)
  5. Gelsomina (via Carlo Tenca 5 and via Fiamma 2)
  6. Giacomo Pasticceria in the Category: Try and confectionery sale Sottocorno TV
  7. Lorìa Pasticceria Boutique (viale Piave 12)
  8. Marlà (course Lodi 15)
  9. Martesana (via Card. G. Cagliero 14 and via Paolo Sarpi 62)
  10. Massimo 1970 (via Giuseppe Ripamonti 5)
  11. Moriondo (via Marghera 10)
  12. Panettone Cracco Pastry Shop (Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery)
  13. Polenghi Angelo (Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 31)
  14. San Gregorio (via San Gregorio 1)
  15. Ungaro (via Ronchi 39)
  16. Vergani (Corso di Porta Romana 51 and via Mercadante 17)

Solidarity is capable of giving a big hug to those who receive it, doing good compensates for a lack in favor of those who have less, it brings more love to the one who gives, as to the one who receives.

And last but not least I would say (It is in giving that we receive, “Francesco D’assisi”).

For info and donations www.panettonesospeso.org

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