National strike on December 3, no Rt bus for four hours in the province of Imperia

Imperia. The regional secretariat Autoferrotranvieri UgI FNA joined the 4-hour national strike for December 3, proclaimed by the national secretariat UGL FNA for the following reasons:

“For the existing discrimination between workers in possession and not of green-pass, contrary to the provisions of the regulations and recommendations on discrimination – as envisaged by European Resolution 2361 – and which is creating unnecessary and dangerous tensions in the world of work; per le intimidation and retaliation that are taking place given the decision-making autonomy left to companies to establish company procedures regarding the application of the green pass; going even beyond the rules established by law, in relation to unjustified absence and the suspension of any economic remuneration for the period of absence from work, threatening workers with economic recovery forecasts and disciplinary sanctions that are more than the norm. in fact: “the right to request compensation for damages all caused by the failure to carry out the work activity and the consequent impossibility of guaranteeing the Local Public Transport service; pis il failure to comply with the protection of workers – even if the rules provide for limits to the disciplinary power of the employer, cases of serious violations are occurring; po the non-application of the Art. 1.2 point b second line of the annex to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 12-10-2021 in the Official Journal no. 244 on 14-10-21 an integral part of Legislative Decree 127 DEL 21-09-21, which states: “it is not permitted, in any way, for the worker to remain in the structure, even for other purposes, or for the same to be used for agile work to replace the service that cannot be performed in person, without prejudice to the possibility, for the days other than the one concerned, to use the contractual institutions of absence (illness, medical examination, law 104, parental leave …) creating situations of evident discrimination between workers who want to benefit from institutions recognized by law and by contractual institutions, not respecting the rules cited by the relevant law. All this clearly damaging the rights of workers; for the approximate and bankrupt business organizations, which instead of adopting clear and transparent procedures, often they use confusing and unproductive methods, such as identifying auditors who have not been in the least informed and trained on the methods and development of the procedures; for the possibility that i green certification swabs are given free of charge to all affected workers to make companies comply with their obligation established by law 81/08 of health surveillance and prevention for health and safety in the workplace; to raise awareness among companies in the search for ad hoc conventions, that they do not create further discrimination; for safety – both in terms of safety and security – of all the operators in the sector, so that it is not an element to be evaluated and used only in certain situations, but becomes a priority and guaranteed field of attention and investment; because the situation of local public transport that lies ahead is nothing short of surreal: the obligatory nature of a green pass is required for those who drive the vehicle, but not for those who benefit from it, creating important doubts on the effectiveness that this tool really exercises in fighting the pandemic – in which case it would be appropriate to foresee its need also for the use of the vehicles themselves; because the situation of railway transport that has been determined is not congruent with the purposes of the law, considering that the green pass is not required for the types of train travel. The absurd and extreme situation that occurs in Local, Regional and Interregional Transport where the worker has the obligation of the green pass while working inside a convoy where potentially all users may not have it, creates important doubts on the effectiveness of this instrument; because the autoferrotranvieri and railwaymen have done so much so that the country does not stop during this pandemic, guaranteeing the mobility of the country with their own responsibility and professionalism even in times when the safeguards and health tools were practically absent; due to the lack of protection for front line operators who are victims of post-covid effects that instead of being accompanied in guarantee and recovery paths, they are discriminated against and often pushed to decisive solutions such as dismissal and dismissal, as they are no longer suitable; because the obligation of the green pass in the workplace is creating many difficulties even for the workers who are in possession of it, since the companies in the sector do not agree on the use of the holidays and absences required recognized by the contractual dictates to compensate for the lack of personnel, already structurally inherent and amplified by the current situation. Furthermore the strong demand for overtime work and the reshaping of work shifts are creating serious organizational difficulties which have negative repercussions on the lives of workers “.

The strike will take place in the following ways:
– Traveling staff:
• give her 11 every 15
– Fixed plants
• the last four hours of the morning shift
• the first four hours of the afternoon shift
• (insured principals)

All lines managed by Riviera Trasporti SpA will be affected School services will be guaranteed before 11am and after 3pm.


National strike December bus hours province Imperia

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