Riccione accident, Nathan Franchini dies at 19 after the disco- Corriere.it

Riccione accident, Nathan Franchini dies at 19 after the disco- Corriere.it
Riccione accident, Nathan Franchini dies at 19 after the disco- Corriere.it
from Alessandro Fulloni

A seventeen-year-old in intensive care. Three other boys on board, all injured. The one behind the wheel was drunk. Identity cards of others because in the nightclubs, open on Saturday, entry was only allowed to over 20s and adults. The investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office

A fatal accident with a heavy budget, in Riccione. The victim was a nineteen year old from Cattolica, Nathan Franchini. A girl of the same age is seriously injured and three others are injured. But behind what happened there is a disconcerting fact: the boy who lost his life, an Italian, had a document belonging to another person, a twenty-year-old Albanian.

And the same is true for others aboard the car: this is because – the hypothesis of the investigators – the group had been in the disco between the Peter Pan and the Cocoric which just Saturday had reopened after more than two years of post-Covid closure with a big party inauguration which had seen the online sale of tickets burned down in a few hours. With the entrance reserved only for boys of at least 20 years, and for girls of age, this is why some of the young people would have borrowed their identity cards.

Initially the local police had identified the deceased in the 20-year-old Albanian, but it was one of the hospitalized friends who confessed that Nathan was the victim, and not the 20-year-old Albanian whose document was found on Nathan’s body. We are destroyed, now leave us locked in our pain, Christian Franchini, the boy’s father, said in a faint voice Rest of the Carlino who told – in the news written by Manuel Spadazzi – the whole story.

The tragedy is over Sunday morning a few minutes before 7, in viale Abruzzi. one of the avenues that lead to the discos of Riccione and Misano. The five were traveling in a Fiat 500 L that was traveling the avenue towards the sea when the driver lost control. The car probably first touched the central reservation curb in the middle of the road, then crashed into a pine. Nathan, who was sitting in the back, died instantly. The others lost consciousness and were extracted from the sheets of the car by the firefighters, who rushed to the scene together with the 118 and the local police. Three of the injured were taken to the Bufalini di Cesena. The most serious is a 17-year-old, hospitalized in intensive care, the others are in emergency medicine, but they are not in danger of life. Another 17-year-old girl was taken to Rimini.

The hospital investigations revealed that the 20-year-old behind the wheel had a BAC of 2 grams / liter, therefore four times over the limit. It is not yet clear whether the high speed, the driver’s conditions, the wet road, or whether they all contributed to the dramatic impact caused the accident. Prosecutor Paola Bonetti has opened an investigation into road murder, but the exchange of identity documents is also being investigated.

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