The professor who refused to take a lesson because two students were wearing skirts

The professor who refused to take a lesson because two students were wearing skirts
The professor who refused to take a lesson because two students were wearing skirts

Last week two third-year students from Liceo Bottoni in Milan went to school wearing a skirt, while another with red nail polish on his fingernails. Their intention, as they later explained, was to symbolically participate in the international day against male violence against women and gender-based violence on 25 November. When he saw them, their history professor, Martino Mora, asked them to leave the classroom and then refused to take a lesson. At Mora’s next lesson, Saturday 27 November, there was a collective response from students and students of two other classes: they left the classroom refusing to listen to the lesson “to defend their ideas”, they explained on Instagram.

The head teacher of the Liceo Bottoni Giovanna Mezzatesta explained how things went: «At the first hour when the teacher chased the boys dressed as women out of the classroom, my collaborator invited him to let them come back. When I got to school he came to my office and told me he wasn’t going to teach with “transvestites”. At that point I invited him to go back to class because in that way he would have violated the students’ right to study ».

Mora instead proposed to remain available to the school in the teachers’ room without returning to the classroom, a solution that the manager considered unacceptable: «I certainly could not call a substitute teacher because the teacher did not want to teach the boys in skirts. I said he was either going back to teaching or he should go home, ”which finally happened.

Mora in turn gave her version on social media: «The principal of the high school where I teach kicked me out of school. This morning. She kicked me out because I told her I didn’t intend to lecture in the presence of a male pupil who showed up disguised as a woman from head to toe. ” He also explained that for him “that clothing was unacceptable, totally inappropriate to the context”: “I would have had the same reaction if they had come dressed as a clown or as Santa Claus”.

The Mezzatesta manager is now preparing the report of what happened to clarify two main things, which she anticipated: “The fact that Mora did not fulfill the task of supervision because he kicked three pupils out of the class and, then, that he refused to do lesson. I will also add the various crap he wrote on Facebook against me and against the school. And as soon as it is ready I will deliver it to the provincial school office, which will take action against it ».

In these hours, several students have told other episodes concerning the professor and which would demonstrate other sexist or problematic attitudes. A while ago in class, as reported The printshe said to a student, “Try reading this text, assuming you women can read.”

Others and other teachers of the Bottoni high school have proposed a motion in favor of the students, and have positively commented on their actions in recent days: «The Bottoni teachers are proud of your courage and your commitment, you have all our support! », For example, wrote a teacher on social media.

An image taken from the electronic register was also published on the Instagram profile of the Bottoni high school students in which Professor Mora wrote that «the lesson cannot be held because the class leaves the classroom in protest. I imagine they want to defend the single politically correct thought ».

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Student practice of wearing a skirt is not new. Started in a Canadian school against stereotypes related to clothing, the sexualization of female students and homophobia, it then spread to other countries, including Italy. For a couple of years, the students of a high school in Monza, for example, have been wearing skirts for a day to protest against the sexist culture and the so-called “toxic masculinity”. In some cases the initiative was promoted by the schools themselves, and was positively commented by the feminist movements.

The Union of Students of Milan, an independent organization which includes four groups present in Milanese public schools and universities and which ask for secular schools and universities, in solidarity, accessible and without discrimination, commented on what happened to Bottoni saying that “it demonstrates the imminent need for educational courses for all school components, information on issues such as identity and gender dysphoria, sexual orientation. Starting from a greater awareness of this, the school could become a place free from discrimination and safe, as it should be ».

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