Ju Jitsu Italian Cup, Akiyama Budo club is the first classified

Akiyama Budo club is the first classified of the Ju Jitsu Italian Cup. Not even a month has passed since the magnificent experience in Abu Dhabi of the athletes of the Akiyama Budo Club gym in Capaci, and here we are again to rejoice and celebrate again the triumphal return of the athletes of maestro Cristian Minuto from Renazzo (Fe) where they participated in the Cup Italy Ju Jitsu ranking for the European Championship which will take place on March 31, 2022 in Crete (Greece). Satisfaction and congratulations to the Akyiama boys who continue to write wonderful pages of sports history for the Capaci community.

Regardless of and regardless of the extraordinary results achieved, and despite some verdicts that are nothing short of scandalous, everyone, absolutely everyone from the youngest to the seniors, fought with courage and tenacity, once again demonstrating that they represent the entire capable community with honor and pride. . Chapeaux to those of our athletes who, alone in the category, gave up the victory (gold medal) “at a table” by confronting opponents of the higher category and weight. To them our applause and our admiration. Ju Jitsu in the school of Cristian Minuto (a gym also engaged in the social field against bullying and pedophilia) is practiced by children who are not interested in the god of money as is the case in other sports but, animated only and exclusively by those values ​​of respect for the rules, of tolerance, loyalty, competition and discipline which, among other things, also helps in everyday life.

To all the applause and compliments of the parents and citizens of Capaci for having shown, once again, how, with sweat, sacrifice and total dedication to this wonderful “poor” sport, important goals can be achieved not only in sport but also in everyday life. The final medal table of the 37 athletes of the Akiyama delegation was: Italian Cup at Akiyama Budo Club 1st classified – Gold medals nr. 26 Silver medals nr. 20 Bronze medals nr. 4 To maestro Cristian Minuto and all the athletes who participated in this extraordinary and important appointment in Renazzo goes beyond my esteem and gratitude of all citizens of Capaci, Carini, Cinisi with the wish for a future growing in positivity.

Giovanni Polizzi


Jitsu Italian Cup Akiyama Budo club classified

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