Chiara Ferragni in the center of Milan, Christmas shopping starts

November 29, 2021 10:35 AM

Paparazzata in the day between the windows, gave smiles to the flashes

At his house the decorations are ready, well in advance of the holidays. The apartment in City Life of the Ferragnez is all a sparkle of colored lights and decorations of all kinds, which enchant little Vittoria and Leone. Now that the decorations are ready, Chiara just has to think about gifts for Fedez and her children, and a walk through the windows of the center of Milan is the right opportunity to get some ideas.


Impressed from head to toe, Ferragni took a tour of the fashion district. She had lunch with friends before taking a walk, giving smiles to the flashes that chased her at every step. Then she got into the car, with the driver ready to take her home where her beautiful family was waiting for her.

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