Forza Italia remembers Ennio Doris

Forza Italia remembers Ennio Doris
Forza Italia remembers Ennio Doris

The memory of the founder of Banca Mediolanum

With Ennio Doris, a natural leader, a formidable communicator, a brilliant innovator disappears.

The man who created a financial company of primary importance like Banca Mediolanum out of nothing, he wrote two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic. «It will be the deepest crisis of the postwar period. Governments must work by focusing on the shortest possible duration or companies will suffocate, like a sub ». Doris’s analysis never stopped at the mere exercise of the factors of rationality. He always accompanied his words with a smile and with a springy Venetian bonomìa imbued with good and non-formalist Catholicism. Another distinctive trait of the founder of Mediolanum was humility: although he became one of the richest and most powerful men in Italy, it was not uncommon to see him conversing with people while sipping his “shadow” at the bar in Tombolo, the small town in the province of Padua where he was born. “I remain optimistic – continued Doris – and I bet on the fact that factories will resume at full capacity, as is happening in China, with a formidable rebound in production and consumption, followed by financial values”.

Looking at the data of the current economic recovery (+ 6.3% GDP at the end of the year), one cannot fail to agree once again. What a “visionary” he was, even Silvio Berlusconi immediately warned him. A thousand times Doris has narrated the circumstances of their meeting, bordering on the unbelievable. Ennio had achieved his career first as a clerk in Antonveneta, then in Fideuram and Ras. But that it could strike the already established Berlusconi, simply by meeting him in Portofino and illustrating his revolutionary idea, that is to say the model of a virtual bank without branches then emulated by many, seemed really impossible. And instead Silvio was fascinated by Ennio and became his steady traveling companion. To be precise, it must be said that Ennio was Silvio’s only equal shareholder. Not even Fedele Confalonieri has ever enjoyed Doris’ strategic and operational autonomy.

Certainly the gesture that Doris and Berlusconi made in 2008 by repaying 110 million euros from their pockets lost by Mediolanum investors in the Leman Brothers crack will remain in the history books of the economy. A unicum in world finance that allowed Mediolanum not to lose even a customer and to consolidate the relationship of trust between bank and customers at a time when trust was very lacking in particular towards the credit system and financial intermediaries.

Forza Italia is proud to represent the middle productive classes of the country and that Catholic and popular culture which in Ennio Doris had a very high profile representative.

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