“It must remain in Palazzo Chigi until 2023” – Il Tempo

“It must remain in Palazzo Chigi until 2023” – Il Tempo
“It must remain in Palazzo Chigi until 2023” – Il Tempo

Franco Bechis

November 29, 2021

Officially it was called “Omicron”, but for Mario Draghi and above all for his possible ambitions to climb the Colle, the new variant of the virus risks being “Omega”, the last letter of the alphabet that closes even before the beginning his chances of succeeding Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale. A perhaps hasty stop because at the moment very little is known about the variant, even if it affects all the countries of the world, and it is not without saying that it can be so ruinous. But it has given wings to Italian politics, uncovering what has so far been said half-mouthed.

One after the other yesterday leaders of important majority political forces, from Enrico Letta to Luigi Di Maio to Silvio Berlusconi, explicitly underlined the need for Draghi to remain at the helm of the government and therefore in Palazzo Chigi until the natural end of the legislature. Obviously each of them has his own hidden interest in saying it, from those who would like to move away as much as possible the specter of the polls to those who are happy to occupy another opponent in the quirinal competition.

But underneath it is widespread in Parliament the idea that the two most important things for which Super Mario was called to lead the government are anything but archived. The realization of the NRP, which is essential for receiving the second installment of the precious European funds, is far from advanced, and many chapters are still to be written and implemented. The vaccination plan that undoubtedly the management of the new government has speeded up has exceeded the first curve to the maximum, because when we start to open the parliamentary polls for the succession of Mattarella we will be at the maximum with the third dose being administered, in the middle of the war ( because the theme is much less shared) on the vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years and perhaps with horizons and strategies all to be changed if the South African variant really starts its race in European countries and the barrier of vaccinations carried out so far should prove fragile .

The mandate of the government a year later would therefore remain the same, and undoubtedly pulling the plug and risking to slip into an electoral campaign is the exact opposite of what the absolute majority of the current members of Parliament would like. In this condition, especially in the case of problems with the South African variant, while Draghi would have to work abandoning other aspirations, it is very likely that the pressure on the current tenant of the Quirinale will resume massive pressure to accept to remain in his place: it would become a plea, in lack of immediate alternatives.

It is a road that I believe to be uphill, because Mattarella has so far been of a clarity that leaves no alternatives, not only denying the possibility, but making it clear in his interventions that his re-election is in itself contrary to the spirit of the Constitution itself (although there being the precedent of Giorgio Napolitano). The incumbent president is also Sicilian, and by nature little inclined to change a decision clearly taken.

If the push to leave Draghi at the helm of the government is so wide and Mattarella is ready to move to the new private home already optioned in Rome, all the games for the presidency of the Republic are therefore open. And at the moment there are no personalities on the horizon capable of overcoming the alignments obtaining large majorities on paper right from the start. Therefore, there remain the center-right and center-left candidates who must then look for themselves in the votes that are missing among the alleged opponents in the secret of the ballot box. And there is no doubt that in this case Silvio Berlusconi has a better chance of succeeding than anyone else.

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