“Full resuscitations because of the No vax”, a tumor patient has been waiting for months to be operated on

November 28, 2021 10:37 PM

“Tell me: what the f … could an experimental vaccine do worse than cancer?”. This is the outburst made on Facebook by Laura Di Siena, a 42-year-old teacher

The diagnosis

“I went to the emergency room by chance, I had a severe headache. The doctors, unfortunately, found me a rare tumor of the thymus, positioned between the heart and the lungs. It was a shock, but I decided to react “, says Laura a The Province of Pavia.


“There are only three structures in Italy, all concentrated in Lombardy, capable of treating this tumor, which counts no more than 200 cases a year and is treated with an experimental protocol. One of those three is the hospital where I am I turned. Immediately I was subjected to a biopsy, not without problems because the intensive care was crowded; then to a course of chemotherapy. They were strong, but they worked because the mass was reduced, so much so that surgery was possible “.


The busy resuscitations

A week ago came the call from the hospital: “They told me that, unfortunately, there has been a cut in the number of beds in the ordinary wards due to Covid. In the words of the surgeon who told me about the operation, I caught the concern about me. He said that intensive care is occupied by the cases of Covid that arrive daily: all No vax. And that as soon as a place becomes available they will operate on me “.

The outburst on Facebook “Why is thinking of others so difficult?” Asks Laura, giving a voice to all those cancer patients like her who are unable to access treatment due to Covid. And then he turns directly to the No vax: “What could an experimental vaccine do worse than cancer? Tell me. Do you realize that cancer kills and its incidence increases? Don’t get a vaccine, but escape from cancer is not possible. Would you like to have the opportunity to heal due to the lack of attention of others? “.


Full resuscitations vax tumor patient waiting months operated

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