Raffaele Purpo known as “er mafia”, the ultrà leader of the Rome Fedayn, died

He died suddenly Raffaele Purpo, 56 years old, called “er mafia”, lo historic leader of the south curve, convicted of drug trafficking.

Purpo was serving home detention after spending over 20 years of his life behind bars.

Who was “er mafia”

“Er mafia” was a friend and business partner of Fabrizio Piscitelli, aka “Diabolik”, the leader of the Irriducibili of Lazio killed on 7 August 2019 at the Parco degli Acquedotti. They lived in the same building in Viale dei Consoli and “Diabolik” had even witnessed the marriage of the Romanist ultra.

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The two ultras, divided by typhus, were united by precedents for drug trafficking. Purpo in 2014 had met Piscitelli in a community for prisoners. In 2015, the Roma fan was arrested for being part of a criminal organization that trafficked drug-stuffed tires in motorway service areas. After getting out of jail, “er mafia” had met again with “Diabolik”, just a couple of months before his murder.

The death of the Fedayn chief ultrà

The death of Raffaele Purpo seems to be attributable to a sudden illness as he had been suffering from heart problems for some time. It was Tuesday evening when, returning from the pizzeria in Viale Regina Margherita where he had permission to work, a heart attack was fatal.

During the match of Conference League tra l’As Roma e lo Zorya, on Thursday at the Olympic stadium, banners were displayed in his memory in the south curve:

Legends don’t never die! Raffaele with us ”and“ A head high life you always have sfidato, death will not stop you ”.

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