Weather forecast: Arctic lash on Italy. Low-altitude snow. That’s where she is alert

Weather forecast: Arctic lash on Italy. Low-altitude snow. That’s where she is alert
Weather forecast: Arctic lash on Italy. Low-altitude snow. That’s where she is alert

Rome, 28 November – Winter is coming. We expect days of arctic cold, with name a basse quote, rain, strong winds e first frosts. In South Tyrol in the first Sunday of Advent in the high mountains the mercury column has dropped even up to -19 degrees and they fell up to 40 centimeters of snow. White flakes even already at 500 meters. On the first Sunday of the traditional opening Christmas markets after the one-year suspension following the pandemic – this year limited admissions and with the release of a bracelet after checking the green pass at the gates – the northernmost province of Italy has awakened with a Christmas landscape. Serious damage due to bad weather a Naples where it opened a chasm in front of an apartment building preventing residents from entering and exiting. I am 40 families evacuated by the fire brigade. Closed schools tomorrow 29 November a Salerno. Mayor Vincenzo Naples has ordered the suspension of educational activities in all schools of all levels in the area. Also stop at all childcare services, in addition to closing of parkingi, villas, municipal gardens, sports facilities and the municipal cemetery.

in the meantime Capri is always isolated. Stormy seas and powerful showers of rain have plagued the island since Saturday evening. No connection from the mainland (neither Caremar ferries, nor Alilauro Cruson, NLG and Snav hydrofoils), as the weather predicted, and the arrival stop blocked the departure ports of Naples and Sorrento food supplies daily

“Arctic currents are breaking through the central Mediterranean fueling a depression sack responsible for widespread instability e temperature e snow depth in decline “, the summary of 3bmeteo. The most active disturbances involve “the regions central-southern, more directly those of the Tyrrhenian side “and the North East. “In both cases – writes the 3bmeteo site – we are dealing with a net decrease in temperatures and consequently also of the snow level, which in some cases was abundant. In addition to rain and snow, the winds, very sustained by the western quadrants, capable of causing storm surges on the exposed coasts “.

First snow in Sardinia

The provinces of in particular were affected by the first snow on the island Nuoro and Sassari. A Fonni this morning white peaks at Su Separadorju, at 1400 meters. The photos and the photos do not need words video posted on Facebook by Case vacanze Fonni. But the temperatures are destined to drop in the next few hours and the snow could also reach lower altitudes between 800 and a thousand meters. Also alert for storm surges.

Castelluccio of Norcia

Snow has also arrived in Umbria, in particular in the Apennine areas. From Sunday afternoon Castelluccio of Norcia it is completely white and it is expected that snow will continue to fall even during the night and until Monday morning. According to the weather forecast of the functional center of the regional civil protection, snow will also affect 600-700 meters of altitude. Temperatures will drop significantly by as much as eight to nine degrees. It will be necessary to wait until Tuesday to have a general improvement in the situation.

The map

Alps and Apennines

3bmeteo always writes that during the night the precipitations “affected most of the central-eastern regions and already from 400-500 meters they assumed a snowy character, whitening Trentino Alto Adige, Dolomiti Veneto and Upper Friuli with a layer of hips 20 centimeters “. Again: on the northern Apennines “during the night the snow fell up to 1000-1200 meters on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine ridge, leaving a layer of over 20 centimeters on the ground on Abetone e on the Cimone. Snowfall still in progress between lower Tuscany, Umbria and Marche starting from 1000-1200 meters, while on the Lazio-Abruzzo ridge the rain-snow limit is around 1500 meters.

Civil protection alert

The bulletin of the Civil protection foresees thunderstorms and strong winds in the Center-South, orange alert for the Calabria and Campania, snowfall at 700-900 meters in central Italy and Sardinia. From the late evening of today Sunday 28 November they are expected storm winds from the Sardinia, rapidly extending also to Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia south-central. Strong storms expected. Snowfalls above 700-900 meters are also expected on Sardinia, Umbria, eastern and southern Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, especially in the first part of tomorrow. Rains and thunderstorms on Campania, Basilicata and Calabria and also on Sicily. Based on the forecasts tomorrow, Monday 29 November, an orange alert is expected on the Tyrrhenian Campania and a large part of western Calabria. Yellow alert in Sicily, on central-western Sardinia, in Basilicata, on the remaining sectors of Campania and Calabria, on the whole territory of Lazio, Molise and Umbria and in Abruzzo.

Forecast Monday 29

Still cold and snow in the hills even at center-south. “Sextremely dynamic implementation – is the forecast of 3bmeteo -, characterized by strong winds medium north-western which will carry a series of impulses downhill from Northern Europe. One of these will affect the border Alps during the day, but above all Sardinia and central-southern regions, with intense bad weather, showers and thunderstorms, including violent ones, hailstorms and snow at hilly altitudes “.

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