off-road car, two boys die, brother and sister aged 25 and 28

Two boys, brother and sister aged 25 and 28, lost their lives last night in a tragic accident on the 32 Turi-Castellana provincial road.

It happened around three o’clock, at the gates of Turi. Due to causes under investigation, the car, a BMW 118, with four young people on board, ended up off the road: the vehicle would hit the guard rail, overturn and then end up in the embankment. For the 25-year-old and the 28-year-old (resident respectively in Valenzano and Bari) who were traveling as passengers in the back seat, unfortunately there was nothing to do. A third passenger and the driver of the car were rescued by 118 and transported in red code to the hospital. One of the two is hospitalized with a reserved prognosis for the injuries reported. As usual, the driver was analyzed for the possible use of alcohol or drugs, the outcome of which is expected.

The intervention of the fire brigade was also necessary on the spot. The surveys are entrusted to the carabinieri of the Turi station and of the Gioia del Colle Company, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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offroad car boys die brother sister aged

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