Giampiero Santinami, who died of Covid. The Ferrara restaurateur was not vaccinated

Giampiero Santinami, who died of Covid. The Ferrara restaurateur was not vaccinated
Giampiero Santinami, who died of Covid. The Ferrara restaurateur was not vaccinated

Ferrara, 28 November 2021 – Died Giampiero Santinami, 66, entrepreneur, originally from Orbetello, owner together with his son of the well-known Antica Maremma restaurant in via Saraceno. He was sick with Covid and was not vaccinated. After the first symptoms in early November, his condition worsened almost immediately, also due to previous pathologies, and, the day before yesterday, he surrendered to the disease after being hospitalized for ten days. The family members, moreover, let it be known that the decision to resort to medical treatment did not come immediately after the positivity to the virus: Santinami, only at the insistence of relatives, decided to go to the Cona hospital. His disappearance, in addition to family members, pains those who had worked with him, appreciating his innate abilities. Sommelier, passionate about tango, even chef if necessary, there was nothing that Santinami could not do. And to customers, in addition to giving Tuscan flavors, he knew how to instill a smile and, months later, remember a face and treat everyone as close friends.

The brother Augusto Santinami, former owner of the well-known restaurant I butteri in via Murri in Bologna (closed for years), explains Giampiero’s choice not to get vaccinated: “He was a sommelier and, before serving a wine, he tried it and tried it again so as not to make a bad impression on the customers. He applied the same method to the vaccine: he wanted it to be tried first and He was not a ‘No vax’ and he did not want to persuade others not to inoculate, also because our family is all vaccinated “. Three weeks ago the last time he heard from him: “We were supposed to meet on a Monday for some things to fix together, but the meeting jumped: unfortunately it was positive. So me, the other brother and our sister, we insisted that he go to the hospital. hospital to undergo the necessary therapies. Unfortunately we lost him. My brother was a fantastic person: he knew how to do everything and also well. Memories of when we were children emerge every moment “.

Son Giampiero (who has the same name as his father) when asked whether his father was vaccinated or not, replies, with a sigh, entrenching himself in a polite reserve and adds: “I want him to be remembered for what he did in his life. taught everything I know and I want to carry on his dreams, his work. We will reopen in a few days because he would have wanted it that way. My father was loved by customers, because he knew how to communicate with everyone, establish an immediate feeling “.

It’s still : “He represented one of the last true restaurateurs, a figure that is part of the tradition. If many have expressed their regret for his disappearance, it is because he was really liked by those who had the good fortune to know and appreciate him”. The news of Santinami’s disease, in recent days, had spread in a very short time.

To give news on social media the same staff of the Antica Maremma restaurant: “We are informing you that we will have to remain closed. In this difficult historical period, in which this virus has made coexistence with our work for the safety and ours and of all of you complicated, the Our choice right from the start was to undergo regular swabs. Unfortunately, the last test identified two positives “. After the post, friends and customers had immediately encouraged the family and the restaurateur to be strong, hoping that the positives would recover as soon as possible. Instead, a cruel fate left Santinami no way out: after a few days, his conditions worsened, and the businessman ended up in intensive care at the Cona hospital. The attempts to help him were useless and, finally, the owner of the Antica Maremma had to surrender to the cursed virus. “He who in his life – underlines his brother Augusto – never lost a challenge. He never gave up: he was always ready to fight. Covid was too strong”.

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