“For us too the candidate will be Mayor De Martinis”

The coordinator of Forza Italia Lorenzo Sospiri intervenes on the debate regarding the next provincial elections scheduled for December, and the closing of the presentation of the lists and signatures for “Forze di liberty” which will support the mayor as a candidate for center-right president Ottavio De Martinis of Montesilvano. Sospiri has made it known that the list will guarantee the support of the candidacy by delivering a quota of the necessary signatures to the provincial president of the League

“For this same reason, demonstrating a sense of responsibility, we did not expect, as the Brothers of Italy did, that third-party issues with respect to the provincial elections were resolved prematurely and, only because the political affair on Montesilvano was closed, did it assure its support to the presidential candidate Ottavio De Martinis, mayor of Montesilvano, who instead we have always esteemed and considered an excellent candidate, like many other administrators of our province. “

Sospiri, however, makes it known that a clarification is now needed with the League for the working method introduced:

“That is, we expect and ask that the issues raised by the League to the Municipality of Pescara find a definitive clarification between now and the date of the elections of December 18. Translated, we do not divide the center-right, but we expect the necessary answers to arrive before December 18. of the League on the open dispute over Pescara, which obviously concerns the whole coalition, therefore also the Forze di Libertà which is one of the main shareholders of that alliance ”.

We remind you that the provincial elections are second level, that is the citizens are not involved but the new provincial councilors and president of the province are elected by the administrators and mayors in office and former presidents of the institution.


candidate Mayor Martinis

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