to the West the Old Boys overtake Milan in the standings

At the end of the ninth day the fight for third place in the two Groups remains open. To the east, the hopes of Val Venosta are diminishing, overwhelmed by Bolzano / Trento; to the west the Old Boys send Chiavenna to the qualifying group and blow third place at the Milano Bears, defeated in overtime in Aosta.

The Bolzano / Trento back on the ice after observing the rest session by mistreating the Val Venosta with a peremptory 10-0. The best on the track were Alex Tava, who dispensed 4 assists, Massimo Ziliani, author of a hattrick, and Samuel Donini, on his first “clean sheet” in the championship.

There is also no history between Real Torino and Valpellice; once again the Torresi prove to be of another category and scramble the Savoyards at home with the result of 11-2. The Bulldogs are in a hurry and in 3’05 “they reach the double advantage built by Pietro Cullati and Paolo Gardiol. The hosts try to withstand the shock wave of the opponents, Alex Zorloni reopens the game, but it is only an illusion: in the following minutes the guests take off. At 51 ‘a heated “exchange of views” costs Lorenzo Anselmino and Cristain Long a penalty match. Among the red and white stand out the 4 goals of Filippo Salvai and the 4 points (2 goals and 2 assists) of Gardiol.

The high stakes nail Aosta and Milan at 0-0 for 64 ‘; in the final of the third time a goal scored with a skate is canceled at the Gladiators; valid, however, the one created by Nathan Garau in collaboration with David Cicchetti at 63.14. First shutout of the season for Luca Baraldi.

The home games of the Old Boys are never taken for granted: against Chiavenna the Milanese are forced to chase for 38 ‘, during which David Scudier, in superiority, and Bryan Suevo must cancel the advantages of Davide Molinetti and Stefano Gherardi. The score was overturned with Matteo Cesarini at 13 ”from the second rest, at the opening of the third time the Old Boys collected Samuele Succetti’s 3-3. The 56.56 Scudier gives the third consecutive victory.

East Girone
9th day
Friday 26th November
Cadore – Feltre 5-3

Saturday 27 November
Bolzano / Trento – Val Venosta 10-0
Rest: Piné

West group
9th day
Saturday 27 November
Aosta – Milan 1-0 ot
Old Boys – Chiavenna          4-3
Real Torino – Valpellice      2-11

East Group Standings
1.Bolzano / Trento 18 points (7 races)
2.Cadore              10 (7)
3.Piné                 9 (7)
4.Ice Felt 9 (8)
5.Venosta Valley 8 (7)

Group West Standings
1.Valpellice Bulldogs 27 points (9 races)
2.Real Torino         18 (9)
3.Old Boys Milano     11 (9)
4.Milano Bears        10 (9)
5.Aosta Gladiators     9 (9)
6.Chiavenna            6 (9)

Next round
East Girone
10th day
Saturday 4th December
Piné – Bolzano / Trento
Val Venosta – Cadore
Rest: Feltre

West group
10th day
Friday 3 December
Chiavenna – Aosta

Saturday 4th December
Valpellice – Old Boys

Sunday 5th December
Milan – Real Torino

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