Christmas with the mask, will again be mandatory outdoors from December. To the markets with the Green pass

Christmas with the mask, will again be mandatory outdoors from December. To the markets with the Green pass
Christmas with the mask, will again be mandatory outdoors from December. To the markets with the Green pass

ANCONA – As a Milano, Bologna e Bergamo, the mandatory mask is back outdoors also in Ancona. Mayor Valeria Mancinelli is about to sign a ‘order ad hoc. Logically, her colleagues from the province will follow suit. On the other hand, it was the same prefect Darco Pellos, as part of yesterday’s Committee for Public Order and Safety, to advocate the return to the use of “outdoor” protective devices and no longer just indoors.

Covid has started running again in an alarming way and infections, especially in the Doric province, are constantly increasing: it is better to prevent, before it is too late, if the goal is to contain the virus, save the Christmas holidays and prevent the return to the area yellow.

The prefect’s message was immediately accepted by the councilor for security, Stefano Foresi. The Administration will immediately set to work to study the ordinance that should come into force, if not from the beginning of the week, from 1 December, with probable duration until New Year’s Eve. As in other large cities in the north, the area in which it will be mandatory to wear the mask outdoors will be defined.

Hypothesis: the whole center (from Passetto to Corso Garibaldi, so to speak), in the main squares, in the market areas (including the Piano) and on the occasion of events that could attract a large number of people. Obviously, the order will be followed by targeted checks by the police: offenders will risk – as in the days of the post lockdown – fines of up to 400 euros.

Sanctions from 400 to 1000 euros, on the other hand, are already foreseen in the center for those who visit the Christmas markets (today the debut) without being in possession of the green certification. In fact, in Piazza Cavour and Corso Garibaldi, signs have sprung up which, in addition to remembering the use of the mask, to sanitize one’s hands and maintain the interpersonal distance of one meter, impose the obligation of the Green pass (without specifying whether means the basic one or the reinforced one) “to circulate within the event”, underlining that “in the event of checks by the competent authorities, the person without certification will be sanctioned”. A rule that applies, in general, to all festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses, according to art. 9 bis of Legislative Decree 52/21.

The Committee also focused on the introduction of the Super Green pass. Pending clarifications from the Ministry, the prefect has put the commissioner and the heads of the police forces on pre-alert in view of the strengthening of the controls to be carried out, from 6 December, in public places, in commercial activities and in the workplace.

In addition to the Asur, the representatives of Conerobus and Contram also participated in addressing the problem of controls on public transport vehicles, given that at least a negative buffer will be required to travel on the buses.

On-board inspections will be carried out on a random basis, but who will take care of them? And above all, what happens if a passenger is pinched without a green certificate? Probable the return of the stewards, with ground checks at the stops by the brigade.


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