the alert goes off. Anger in chats


No Green pass, maxi gathering in Piazza Duomo in Milan despite the restrictions. Anger circulates in the chats of the No vax people and a new demonstration announced loudly in the Whatsapp and Telegram groups is expected today, Saturday 27 November. In the chat also circulate the “instructions” to circumvent the prohibitions.

The No pass appointment is at 5 pm in Piazza Duomo, an area closed to parades. It is the eighteenth consecutive Saturday that the No Green Pass meet in Milan to demonstrate against the government’s measures to deal with the Covid emergency.

The alert is high in the historic center of Milan, where, among other things, the obligation to wear a mask starts today.

No Green pass, messages of anger in chats

“Do not stand by – reads one of the Telegram channels – when they try to take away the rebels let’s all jump on the m … of the fascist militia. We are the vast majority. They cannot do anything against the compact mass ”.

In another Telegram group of the No Green Pass in force in Milan, as reported by Il Messaggero, we read: “The furore spreads throughout Italy. Time to put an end to the dictatorship! Revolution!”. Or: “For 18 straight weeks we have made peaceful protests, to no avail. Do we want to continue wasting energy in the squares, while they prepare the deportations to the concentration camps? The time has come to change tactics. Enough pacifism. From tomorrow we change strategy. Let’s spread the fury all over Italy! And then let’s go get them home. We become an example all over the world ”.

The instructions of the No vax for the demonstration in Milan: the decalogue

In a widespread decalogue in the No Green pass chats, some also pop up “Rules” for entering Piazza Duomo in Milan without getting noticed.

Enter the square early, without getting noticed and possibly with a shopping bag – reads the group -. Better with a newly purchased product and a receipt “.

The greatest danger comes from men and women in plain clothes. Try to locate them and stay away ”, we still read in the decalogue with the instructions. Then, “if some mate gets ‘hooked’, you have to try to free them. Without attacking, but simply by attaching oneself to one’s partner, in greater numbers, dragging him away ”.

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Super Green pass decree, all the new rules valid from December 2021: what changes, when and for how long

Photo source: ANSA

Super Green pass decree, all the new rules valid from December 2021: what changes, when and for how long

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