Weather, yellow alert in Sicily: rains and freezing winds arrive

In the South very cloudy sky with scattered showers and local thunderstorms, in Sicily, where today the civil protection alert is yellow, locally also of high intensity. Minimum temperatures rising in Sicily and without significant variations elsewhere; maximum decreasing on the island, moderate winds, very rough seas. The experts of predict falling temperatures for the next few hours and the month of December will open with freezing winds in most of Italy.

“The trend for the following weeks – the meteorologists explain – sees an alternation between anticyclonic phases and sudden polar blitzes with the return of bad weather. The reason is to be found in the imposing meridian exchanges: we will have the rise of the high pressure of the Azores towards Greenland (from South to North), on the other hand an area of ​​low pressure linked to the Polar Vortex in extension towards Europe ( from North to south). Italy would therefore find itself right in the middle of the battlefield, with short dry and sunny pauses interrupted by rather cold air masses ”, they conclude.


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