Saturday of demonstrations. Growing anger for reinforced measures – Time

Saturday of demonstrations. Growing anger for reinforced measures – Time
Saturday of demonstrations. Growing anger for reinforced measures – Time

Angela Barbieri

November 27, 2021

Not even the squeeze of the Draghi government and the announcement of new anti-Covid measures such as the super green pass stop the anti-vaccination passport movement. On the Telegram chats for days there has been a tam tam to try to organize a response with demonstrations that will be held today – for the nineteenth Saturday in a row – throughout Italy.

Protest protests and initiatives were organized from Milan to Genoa, from Udine to Bologna, from Turin to Rome. And on the net there are even those who propose to boycott Christmas shopping, proposing recycled gifts and a moratorium on consumption against the economic recovery plans proposed by the executive. The anger of the no green pass mounts, also cornered by law enforcement operations, arrests and searches.

In Rome, with the leaders of Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino, in prison after the October assault on the CGIL, the far-right protesters are led by the lawyer Giustino D’Uva, who last Saturday was at the Circus Massimo with his National Movement. On the day of the great procession from Piazza della Repubblica to San Giovanni against violence against women, no vax blitz is feared. It seems that they are organizing to build one in Ponte Sisto, near the Ministry of Health.

The Circus Maximus will be manned by the police, even if no demonstrations have been authorized. There are also those who also think about supporting the diehards who risk their jobs for not wanting to get vaccinated. The lawyer Edoardo Polacco has already launched an online fundraiser to help those who will be suspended. In Milan, however, the no passes met at the Arco della Pace for a protest against the searches and arrests of the last few hours.

At the cry of “Zeno one of us” a demonstration was called with adhesions from all over Italy in solidarity with Zeno Gabriele Molgora, the 28-year-old who animated the Telegram chats of the Milanese diehards. After receiving an urban Daspo, he was investigated for incitement to crime and receiving stolen goods. The house of the 62-year-old worker Mauro Giuseppe Spinella was also searched, under investigation for pluri-aggravated private violence for having tried with a dozen people to prevent a journalistic service. After the initiative at the Arco della Pace – authorized by the commissioner – it is possible that there are those who try to continue towards a heavily armored Piazza Duomo. Marco Liccione, spokesman for the no pass of Turin, announces a national meeting on December 18 in Piazza Castello, but an advance could already arrive today.

In Genoa, in Piazza Vittoria, the protagonists of the protests will be Professor Paolo Becchi and the lawyer Alessandro Fusillo together with Rosanna Spatari, who became a celebrity in the movement after the Supreme Court reopened its bakery in Chivasso, closed in May because it had not respected the lockdown. Finally, in Bologna, this morning at the Giardini Margherita there will be the national assembly of no pass students. Also in Udine the university students will stage the «Democracy Exercise» at the Loris Fortuna Park.

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