unvaccinated mother dies at 31

November 27, 2021 12:20 PM

The little ones also tested positive, but are now in fairly good health

As local sites report, the story of Alessandra, originally from Arzano (Naples), it evolved quickly, in about a month. Hospitalized in mid-October, the woman, already a mother of three children, immediately ended up in intensive care. She hasn’t recovered since. The twins were born shortly after. Each of them weighed less than a kilo.

Husband’s post – “Destiny willed it that way. So cruelly ferocious, it tore you from my arms. I will be eternally proud of you, of the woman you were. You have been an exemplary mom and a perfect wife. It’s just goodbye. I will love you all the way through. rest of my life “, wrote her husband Massimo on Facebook in giving the news of his death.

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