in Brescia, an outdoor mask is required, fines ranging from 400 to 3,000 euros

Obligation to wear a mask even outdoors in the busiest streets of Brescia: fines ranging from 400 to 3,000 euros are foreseen for those who fail. Thus says the new ordinance, published on Friday and in force (for the moment) on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November, which in fact indicates the obligation to “wear airway protection devices outdoors during the Christmas period in some streets of the Old Town”. This is not new in Italy: similar ordinances are already in force also in Bergamo and Milan, and the Prefecture itself has invited all the Brescia municipalities to reflect on the issue (especially the most “crowded” ones in view of Christmas shopping.

The reasons for the obligation

The ordinance, the Municipality says, is intended to “prevent any further negative evolution of the pandemic situation in the Brescia area”, thus adopting preventive measures “in the period before and after the Christmas holidays”. The text takes into account the indications of the Prefecture, which in fact urged “the adoption of a trade union ordinance to alert and sensitize citizens to the use of respiratory protection devices”: in this sense, perhaps next week “a shared control plan and precautionary measures for the whole Christmas period “.

The streets involved in the ordinance

These are all the roads and streets affected by the ordinance, which will be in effect from 7 to 22:

  • Mameli course
  • Via San Faustino (Contrada Carmine section – Largo Formentone)
  • Long Formentone
  • Corset Sant’Agata
  • Piazza Loggia
  • Piazzetta Bell’Italia
  • Via X Giornate
  • Piazza Paolo VI
  • Victory Square
  • Via IV Novembre
  • Market Square
  • Palestro course
  • Corso Zanardelli
  • Magenta Course

Sanctions from 400 to 3,000 euros

The ordinance provides for “the obligation to wear respiratory protective devices in outdoor places, even when interpersonal distancing is possible and there are no gatherings of people”. Unless the fact constitutes a more serious crime, failure to comply with the order is punished with an administrative sanction ranging from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 3 thousand euros. Whatever the fine, within 60 days of notification of the violation, a reduced payment of 400 euros is always allowed.


Brescia outdoor mask required fines ranging euros

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