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19.37 Thanks for following us and see you at the next live!

19.35 Here are the report cards:

Italy (4-4-2): Giuliani 6; Range 4.5, Linari 5 (82 ′ Simonetti sv), Salvai 6, Lenzini 6 (82 ′ Soffia sv); Bergamaschi 6 (54 ′ Serturini 6), Giuliano 7, Girelli 6.5, Boattin 6; Giacinti 6 (87 ′ Pirone sv), Bonansea 8. Ct. Bertolini 6.

Swiss (3-5-2): Thalmann 6; Buhler 6, Stierli 5, Aigbogun 6; Maritz 6, Xhemaili 6.5 (64 ′ Mauron 6), Walti 6, Sow 7, Bachmann 6.5 (84 ′ Kiwic sv); Crnogorcevic 7, Folmli 6 (79 ′ Lehmann sv). Ct. Nielsen 7.

19.30 Undeserved defeat for the Italian women’s national team who finds the courage to lead the game in the final. The crossbar of Bonansea in the final touches the balance.

95 ′ The match ends, Italy-Switzerland 1-2.

94 ′ Bonansea’s cross at the last second!

92 ‘Bonansea tries with the left, sends the ball out.

90 ‘There will be five minutes of recovery.

88 ′ Outside Giacinti and inside Pirone in Italy.

86 ′ Inside Kiwic, outside Bachmann in Switzerland.

84 ‘Bonansea’s shot, a ball that does not create problems.

82 ′ Outside Linari and Lenzini, Inside Simonetti and Soffia in Italy.

80 ′ Lehmann inside, Folmli outside in Switzerland.

78 ‘Head shot by Bonansea who does not find the door.

76 ′ We start playing again, game still in the balance.

74 ′ Physical problems for the Swiss goalkeeper.

72 ′ Bonansea tries the lunge but does not reach the cross.

70 ‘Serturini arrives at the cross but Bonansea is anticipated.

68 ′ Mauron tries the filter, but the Swiss forward does not understand the assist.

66 ′ Italy in a totally offensive propensity, wants the same.

64 ′ Outside Xhemaili, inside Mauron in Switzerland.

62 ′ The blue girls must believe it now that they can reach a draw.

60′ Goooooooooooooooooool, Bonanseaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Italy’s offensive winger reopens the game thanks to a detour, Italy 1-2 Switzerland.

58 ′ Pressing of Italy, he wants to reopen the game.

56 ′ Para Giuliani a Bachmann shot.

54 ′ Inside Serturini and outside Bergamaschi in Italy.

52 ′ Italy that tries angrily to try to bring itself back.

50 ′ Switzerland truly fearful on the counterattack.

48 ′ Switzerland post with Bachmann who on the counterattack does not find the network that would have closed the game.

46 ‘The second half begins!

18.20 Italy starting as worse could not have the game, suffering two goals in quick succession. In the first half final he manages to get out of Italy but we need to continue with this attitude to recover the game.

See you soon for the second half!

45 ‘The first half ends, Italy-Switzerland 0-2.

43 ′ It shouldn’t be anything serious for Valentina Bergamaschi who should resume immediately.

41 ′ Healthcare in the field for Valentina Bergamaschi.

39 ′ Bergamaschi stopped outside the penalty area, no foul for the referee but the Italian player remains on the ground.

37 ‘Swiss counterattack that creates dangers in the blue area.

35 ‘Bergamaschi tries the cross from the right, but is stopped in a lateral foul.

33 ′ Pushes Italy wants to get to shorten the result before the end of the first half.

31 ‘Bonansea fails to shoot with the plate after a cross from Gama.

29 ′ Italy that has to react technically if it wants to recover the game.

27 ‘Sow’s attempt that does not cause problems.

25 ‘Italy that changes form, 4-4-2 for our blue.

23 ‘Shot by Giacinti which is blocked without problems.

21′ Goal, Crnogorcevic, a serious mistake by Sara Gama in the setting phase and Crnogorcevic takes advantage of it with a header that bags at the far post, Italy-Switzerland 0-2.

19 ‘We try to convey the game of the blue on the side lanes.

17 ‘Italy shyly trying to raise the center of gravity.

15 ‘Sow from the distance does not frame the goal.

13 ′ Switzerland that still maintains possession of the ball.

11 ‘Cross by Valentina Giacinti who is stopped for a corner.

9 ′ Great difficulty in midfield for Italy.

7′ Goal, Sow, Switzerland’s lunge that finds the header of midfielder Sow, Italy-Switzerland 0-1.

5 ‘Tactically blocked game, Switzerland commands the game.

3 ′ Prolonged possession of the ball for Switzerland.

1 ′ The game begins!

17.26 Five minutes to go to the start of the match!

17.21 The runners-up in the various groups will access the play-offs which will decide the last three qualified.

17.16 The first classified of the nine groups will qualify directly for the World Cup, which will be played in Australia and New Zealand from 20 July to 20 August 2023.

17.11 Alia Guagni, Valentina Cernoia, Aurora Galli, Elisa Bartoli, Arianna Caruso, Martina Rosucci and Giada Greggi will not be available.

17.06 Four Italian players affected by Covid,

17.01 This is the ranking of the qualifying round: Switzerland (4 games played) and Italy (4) 12 points, Romania (3) 6, Moldova (2), Lithuania (3) and Croatia (4) 0.

16.58 Here are the formations officers:

Italy (4-4-2): Giuliani; Gama, Linari, Salvai, Lenzini; Bergamaschi, Giuliano, Girelli, Boattin; Giacinti, Bonansea. Ct. Bertolini. A disp. Bonfantini, Cinotti, Di Guglielmo, Durante, Glionna, Pandini, Pirone, Schroffenegger, Serturini, Simonetti, Soffia

Swiss (3-5-2): Thalmann; Buhler, Stierli, Aigbogun; Maritz, Xhemaili, Walti, Sow, Bachmann; Crnogorcevic, Folmli. Ct. Nielsen. A disp. Calligaris, De Alem, Friedli, Julini, Kiwic, Lehmann, Marti, Mauron, Pando, Peng, Piubel, Rinast

16.53 Good evening and welcome to the Italy-Switzerland women’s live broadcast.

Good evening and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text Italy-Switzerland Women qualifying match for the 2023 World Cup, several absences for the Italian national team.

Midfield in difficulty for our Italian national team, given the unavailability of Cernoia due to injury and various positivity at Covid. Therefore, coach Bertolini has in fact only four players available for the median: of which three calls at the last minute, the only owner is the director of Roma, Manuela Giugliano. The calls of the Inter girls are added Simonetti e Pandini and that of Empoli Cinotti in midfield.

Team totally to be invented in short, against a Switzerland that certainly will not let go. Switzerland in the field with a probably starting line-up. In goal he should go Thalmann, defended with Maritz, Kiwic, Buhler and Marti. Midfield with Sow, Walti and Mauron. Attack exteriors Bachmann e Crnogorcevic, punta Lehmann.

Event: Italy-Switzerland women
Data: 26/11/2021
Hours: 17.30
Channel and Streaming: Rai 2, Rai Play.

POSSIBLE FORMATIONS of Italy-Switzerland Women

ITALY (3-4-3): Giuliani; Gama, Salvai, Linari; Bergamaschi, Giugliano, Cinotti, Bonansea; Girelli, Giacinti, Serturini. All .: Milena Bertolini.

SVIZERRA (4-5-1): Thalmann; Martiz, Kiwic, Buehler, Stierli; Bachmann, Sow, Waelti, Xhemaili, Crnogorcevic; Foelmil. All.: Nils Nielsen.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE of the Italy-Switzerland Women qualifying match of the 2023 World Cup: news in real time and constant updates. Kick-off at 17:30. Good fun!

Photo: LPS.

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