Edoardo Leo presents his new film Leave a day in Rome

Milano – Edoardo Leo goes back behind the camera with a romantic comedy that tells how complicated it is to break up after so many years of living together, but without losing the ironic and disenchanted gaze that distinguishes his cinema.

Milano – The new film is titled Leave one day in Rome and Edoardo Leo himself presents him in Milan in a double meeting on the evening of Wednesday 1st December 2021. The actor and director is a guest in the room at 20.00 at the cinema CityLife Anteo and at 21.00 at the Palazzo del Cinema Anteo: in both cases it introduces the screening of the film.

Milano – Fourth film by Edoardo Leo behind the camera, Leave one day in Rome tells in an ironic and disenchanted way the difficulties related to the end of a love story. In addition to the same Edoardo Leo, in the cast there are Marta Nieto, Claudia Gerini e Stefano Fresi.

Tickets: full 9 euros, reduced 6.50 euros. For info 02 43912769.

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Edoardo Leo presents film Leave day Rome

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