Murder Reggio Emilia, the last hour of Cecilia’s life in an audio – Chronicle

Murder Reggio Emilia, the last hour of Cecilia’s life in an audio – Chronicle
Murder Reggio Emilia, the last hour of Cecilia’s life in an audio – Chronicle

Reggio Emilia, 26 November 2021 – She is gone, but his last remain 53 minutes of life: are immortalized in a recorded audio with the cell phone from the one who killed her. Mirko Genco, 24, in custody in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Huana Cecilia Hazana Loayza, recorded the moment since he reached her in the club in the center of Reggio, where she was with some friends, until 3.05: the file covers the path he took with the 34-year-old girl to her house and also the moments in which the young woman would have suffered, according to what the Prosecutor’s Office assumes, sexual violence.

The killer recorded the demise of Cecilia. An hour of words. “I wanted his voice”

He claims to have had “a relationship with your consent”: but, according to the prosecutor of the investigation Maria Rita Pantani, the 24-year-old would have taken advantage ofdrunkenness of the girl, lying on the ground, therefore not in a position to choose consciously. The recording ends before he goes up to the young woman’s house, in via Melato, to take the knife with which he came down shortly after, and then slaughter the ex-girlfriend in the park in via Patti. According to what transpires, several confirmations on the accusatory hypothesis emerge from the audio, which also concern sexual abuse.

During the first confession to the investigators, the young man justified the audio as a ‘romantic’ idea: “I wanted to keep the young woman’s voice as a souvenir, because it would be the last day I would see her: her mother did not want to that we meet “. The idea of ​​Genco’s personality also emerges from here, “with such contrasting and unpredictable impulses”, described by the investigating judge Silvia Guareschi in the order with which he ordered the custody in prison: he oscillated “from the desire to bind himself to the girl’s life , through the conception of a child, to the simultaneous decision to eliminate it forever “.

Definitive Genco Huana Cecilia “the woman of his life”: but the investigating judge, in outlining the absolute necessity of prison pending trial, points out “the clarity of the murder action” and “even before that the sexual violence, perpetrated on a practically unconscious body”.

The defense attorney Alessandra Bonini he claims that he has not yet heard the recording: “In my opinion this information on the audio does not add or subtract anything in the circumstantial framework. Perhaps the investigators want to induce public opinion to think that there was premeditation (aggravating at the moment not disputed , ed), but the court will have to establish this “.

Day against violence against women: remembering Ilenia, Cecilia and the others

Further on the lawyer will evaluate “whether to ask for an expert opinion on the audio: it is also possible that there is a confirmation of the prosecutor’s thesis on sexual violence, but this can only be confirmed by the autopsy”. The assignment for the examination of the body has already been entrusted: the coroner of the Policlinico di Modena Vittorio Gatto has been instructed by the Prosecutor to also check for any signs of violence in addition to those that led to death, and to carry out toxicological tests.

Meanwhile, the campaign of fundraiser for Juana Cecilia’s mother and son, launched by a group of locals in the historic center, including the one in which the girl had spent the last carefree hours of her life with some friends.

From today up to and including Saturday, a contribution can be made for funeral expenses in the following premises: Gascone vermutheria, La Gargotta del Popol Giost, Piccola Bidoneria, Gattaglio’s Pub, Circolo Arci Tunnel, Osteria Zena, Il Nicchio Focacceria, Nani bottega, Antico caffè del Teatro, Dennison’s . Already in recent days the amphorae placed on the counters of some of the clubs have begun to fill up, a sign of how the Reggio community is shaken in the face of this terrible femicide.

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