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“The enhanced cooperation treaty signed this morning it marks a historic moment in relations “between Italy and France: “From today we are even closer”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this in the press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron after the signing of the Quirinale Treaty. “We, Italy and France, share much more than borders, our history, our art, our economies and society have been intertwined for some time. The institutions that we have the honor to represent are based on the same republican values, on respect for human and civil rights, on Europeanism “.” Just today a cooperation agreement on the subject of space was concluded between Italy and France. the fruit of intense negotiations that led to this successful result “, says Draghi.

In the press conference the Prime Minister Draghi recalled Valeria Solesin, “killed along with many French and young people of other nationalities in the vile attack “of the Bataclan in Paris six years ago.” At least once every quarter an Italian minister will participate in a council of ministers of the French government and vice versa, “said Prime Minister Mario Draghi.” At least once. every quarter an Italian minister will participate in a council of ministers of the French government and vice versa “, announces Draghi, underlining that” our sovereignty, understood as the ability to direct the future as we want, can only be strengthened through a shared management of common challenges. We want to promote and accelerate the process of European integration“. Then, continues Draghi:” In the last few months relations between Italy and France have grown even closer. We cooperate on the issues that are most dear to our countries, we set up an Italian-French civil service, a cross-border cooperation committee, we recognize the need for a policy for managing migration flows shared by the European Union based on principles of solidarity and responsibility ” .
“The fiscal rules in force until the pandemic, even then were not sufficient, they were pro-cyclical rules that in some respects aggravated the problem instead of helping to solve them. A revision was necessary, today it is inevitable”, the message is “that without a strong support we would not have gone through the pandemic, we would not have made it. ” Prime Minister Mario Draghi says this, inviting us to “correct the past” and “design the future” with the new rules. “This must be done with the EU and countries need to equip themselves with tools that make them stronger in this discussion: in this way Italy and France want to proceed”.

“This Treaty establishes the deep friendship that unites us”Macron said at a press conference with Prime Minister Mario Draghi at Villa Madama thanking those who made it possible, such as Sergio Mattarella who watched over the work they have completed. With the Quirinal Treaty “we will create a common geopolitical vision: we share the European and international vision”, we will contribute to building a “stronger common European defense that contributes to NATO, we will have enhanced cooperation in the fight against illegal migration and traffickers, to protect the external borders of Europe “, says Macron.

The signing of the Treaty in the presence of Mattarella. French President Emmanuel Macron greeted the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella with a long hug as he left the Quirinale, after the signing of the treaty between Italy and France. Mattarella accompanied Macron to the car that will take him to Villa Madama for the press conference with Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the French and Italian presidents stopped to talk, with their arms joined, to then greet each other warmly.

Prime Minister Draghi and French President Macron signed the Quirinale Treaty in the presence of the Head of State Mattarella during the ceremony held at the Colle.
The signing of the Quirinal Treaty was followed by a long and intense handshake between the premier, the French president and the head of state, at the end of which there was an applause. Foreign ministers Luigi di Maio and Jean-Yves Le Drian were also present at the ceremony.

Immediately after the signing of the Quirinal Treaty, while the head of state Sergio Mattarella, the French president Emmanuel Macron and the premier Mario Draghi listened to their respective national anthems at the Colle, the Frecce Tricolori and the Patrouille de France, a with the colors of the Italian flag and the other with the French ones.

‘Italy and France together for a stronger Europe’ – A stronger and more structured link between Italy and France will help build a stronger Europe. This is the ambition to which the Quirinal Treaty aspires, contained in the words of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to the French leader Emmanuel Macron, received at Colle on the eve of the signing of the document that will sanction a new “strengthened bilateral cooperation” between the two countries . Or rather, “a common future”. On the Italian side, the Treaty, as foreseen by the Constitution, will be signed by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, but the seat and name chosen to finalize the new agreement intend to reflect the exceptional nature of the relations between Rome and Paris – ready to overcome some misunderstandings of the past – and to evoke that Treaty of the Elysée which in 1963 brought France and Germany closer together. The text will then be submitted for ratification by Parliament.

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