The best pizza in Rome: 8 addresses not to be missed

Where to eat the best pizza in Rome? Here are the addresses, including well-established names and new proposals, to be noted for a memorable gastronomic tour

Whether you like the classic Roman pizza – low, crunchy, thin – or the Neapolitan one – with a high but soft cornice – the Capitoline panorama now offers a wide choice of both traditional and more whimsical proposals with particular and gourmet combinations.

All in the name of the high quality of raw materials and seasonality.

So here are 8 places to try, some led by historical names, others by young pizza chefs but already known in the sector.

Here’s where to eat the best pizza in Rome

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1. Seu Pizza Illuminati – Contemporary pizza

Your Illuminati Pizza is the place of Pier Daniele Seu and his wife Valeria Zuppardo – opened in 2018 and since then mentioned in all the rankings of the best pizzerias in Rome – in the historic district of Porta Portese.

The greatest strength of this place? L’innovative dough which manages to combine the soft swelling of Neapolitan pizza with the typical crunchiness of the Roman one.

Fancy dressings and daring combinations always with productseasonal and high quality products (in the photo Mango, provolone and salmon).

Also try the sweet versions such as the named Peach Absolute Sweet Pizza of the Year 2021 – Latteria Sorrentina Award.

The fried foods are also excellent: special mention for the cod fillets, a must try.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday (from 19 to 24); Street address via Angelo Bargoni 10 – 18.

2. 180g Pizzeria Romana – Traditional Roman

When we think about where to go for a pizza in Rome, 180g Pizzeria Romana immediately comes to mind. Among the Roman pizzas at the moment it is in fact considered the best ever, also awarded the recognition 3 segments Gambero Rosso as a pizzeria in Italy 2021.

Born in the Centocelle district – in via Tor de Schiavi which is now the headquarters dedicated to take-away and delivery – 180g Roman Pizzeria after the pandemic and by the will of Jacopo Mercuro it moved not far to number 32 of via Genazzano.

The new restaurant in front of Villa Gordiani is large and comfortable with tables also outside. Do not miss the classic margherita (in the photo) – thin, crunchy, with the right humidity base and just mentioned rim – or the one with Amaseno buffalo. Supplements, croquettes and cod fillets between fries.

Open from Wednesday to Monday (from 19.30 to 24); address via Genazzano 32.

i quintili

3. I Quintili – Neapolitan pizza

Tor Bella Monaca hosts I Quintili by Marco Quintili from Caserta.

Therefore i fried typical of the Campania tradition – as montanarine with various toppings – but also specialties more related to the capital, such as the Crocchetta gricia, and innovative proposals like the Pistachio Smurfs with a milk cream heart.

Among the rounds recommended are the Salsiccia and Friarielli (in the photo), the Crocchettina with a cornice stuffed with ricotta and mortadella and the Yellow Gold which is made up of yellow Piennolo tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, red tomato petals, Peppino Occelli cheese in chestnut leaves. , pepper with hints of orange, basil and EVO oil.

Open every day from 7.00 pm to 11.30 pm (Friday and Saturday until 11.45 pm); address via San Biagio Platani 320.

la masardona

4. La Masardona – Traditional Neapolitan

It’s up to La Masardona the title of best Neapolitan pizza in Rome.

In the center, a few steps da Corso Vittorio, the local guidated by Cristiano Piccirillo was born with the intention of bringing the tradition of the Antica Friggitoria La Masardona out of Naples for the first time, inaugurated in 1945.

Light dough and top quality ingredients the salient features that make the fried pizzas (the best ever in town, like La Masardona con ricotta, cicoli, provolone, tomato, pepper and basil) and baked in this place worth trying.

Among the sweet proposals, the Chocolate Pizza (pictured) and fried balloons with milk chocolate cream and white and milk chocolate crunchy cereals.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch (12.00 -15.30) and dinner (19.00 – 23.00); Street address piazza dell’Oro 6.

cat eater

5. The Gatta Mangiona – Neapolitan

In Monteverde, The Gatta Mangiona by Giancarlo Casa is another one of those addresses that are never lacking in top ten of the best pizzerias in Rome.

In two words original pizzas and fried foods. The menu includes, among the appetizers, various treats such as Ascoli olives, croquettes, supplì and courgette flower.

As main proposals, the division is between white and red pizzas, from the most classic, such as Marinara and Capricciosa, to the most whimsical such as Ibiza (buffalo, courgettes, dates, anchovy fillets) and Gateau (mozzarella, potatoes, cooked ham, stracchino and rosemary).

In line with the seasonal raw materials the Velletrana with sautéed porcini mushrooms, fiordilatte and tomato fillets. To close the classic tiramisu and the jam tart.

Open every day from 19.00 to 22.45; address via Federico Oznam 30.

le gourmet

6. Le Gourmet Roma – Neapolitan revisited

The right address to eat a Neapolitan pizza in Zone Follow it is without a doubt Gourmet Roma by the master pizza maker Salvatore Di Matteo.

Having said that, once you reach the place a stone’s throw from Piazza Cavour, there are two gourmet revisitations to try: Campania Felix with double tomato and mozzarella and the Yellow Face Pizza with margherita with buffalo mozzarella, yellow tomato from Vesuvius and a sprinkling of lemon (in the photo).

Among the desserts of the Neapolitan tradition could not miss the Babà, simple and with strawberries and cream, the Pastiera and the Caprese.

Open every day from 12.00 to 24.00; address via Vittoria Colonna 32.

l elementary

7. The Elementary – Contemporary Roman

In Trastevere, Roman pizza lovers – thin, crunchy and rimless – shouldn’t get lost The Elementary from Mirko Rizzo and Federico Feliziani.

To begin with, supplì and various whims (classics, butter and anchovies, lasagna just to name a few) and fried pizzas; to follow the choice of rounds ranges from classic ones – Margherita, Capricciosa, Naples – to the most original ones come Chicken Cacciatore and potatoes (in the photo) with Prosciutto and Figs with stracciatella, lemon and mint.

To mention the proposal of craft beers including some also gluten free.

Every day until 01.00 (on Saturdays and Sundays until 02.00); Street address via Benedetta 23.

to broken

8. A Rota – Romana

The name already bodes well, To Rota. In Roman the term is used to describe something for which there is never enough, and in fact once tried this is the effect.

Founded by Sami El Sabawy (ex Pizzarium di Bonci) a Tor Pignattara the restaurant offers low and crunchy rolling pin pizza.

Among the proposals also special pizzas with seasonal raw materials as the Aubergine parmigiana pizza stuffed with organic tomatoes, fried aubergines, mozzarella, 24 month old Parmigiano Reggiano, basil and pepper (in the photo).

Also excellent fried (croquettes, courgette flowers, supplì, mozzarella in carriages) and bruschetta (ciauscolo and stracchino, stracciatella and anchovies).

As a dessert, in addition to the sweet stuffed pizza – including cream cheese, toasted almonds, figs and wildflower honey – the menu includes tiramisu, bread and nutella.

Open from Wednesday to Monday at 11.00 pm (Sunday also for lunch); address via di Tor Pignattara 190.

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