Intensive care near the critical threshold, the hypothesis of outdoor masks at Christmas

The blanket becomes short again. Lazio, to lower the criticality percentage of Covid wards in hospitals, is continuing to increase the number of beds. In fact, however, doctors and nurses previously engaged in other departments are diverted to the monitoring area of ​​Coronavirus patients, with consequent trouble for non-Covid departments.

The situation is not yet in a “yellow zone”, but the figures are increasing significantly. For the fourth consecutive week, hospitals have been forced to increase beds in the Covid network. Intensive therapies are most in trouble, reaching an employment index of 9%, one percentage point below the 10% threshold, which is one of the stakes set by the government precisely for entry into the yellow zone.

The other is the hospitalization rate under the ordinary Covid regime: the limit is 15%. Lazio is 11%, still below the alert level. But the case curve is uphill. In the week between 17 and 23 November in Lazio, according to data from the Gimbe foundation, there was a 30% increase in Covid cases. In a comparison with the previous seven days, the total number of infections went from 6,119 to 7,953, with an increase of 1,834.

And that’s not all. According to the data of the Lazio hospitals, in resuscitation the most numerous are not vaccinated, but the drop in second dose protection is indisputable. That’s why the commissioner Alessio D’Amato pushes with the third as soon as possible. This is why this month, between Black Friday, December 8 and the race for Christmas gifts, the Prefecture, in concert with the Region, will invite the mayors of the Lazio municipalities to raise awareness of the use of outdoor masks in the shopping areas .

An initiative to limit a further increase in hospitalizations right in the middle of the holidays. A theme that already sees the favor of the councilor for health D’Amato. In Rome, the weekends preceding Christmas, for example, the Trident area and the nightlife areas will also be limited by barriers to avoid gatherings by applying the now well-known ‘Rome Model’.

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