Stories and flavors from Yemen for the 50th anniversary of Doctors Without Borders

Milano – Lac – Food anthropology laboratory, in collaboration with the volunteer group of Doctors Without Borders of Milan, dedicates to 50 years of Doctors Without Borders a special evening under the sign of Yemen, an opportunity to get to know a little-known conflict up close, but also the history, creativity and flavors of this country.

Milano – Friday, November 26, 2021 al Lac Milan (via private Metauro 4), to open the event, from 19.30 to 20.15, are the interventions of Laura Silvia Battaglia, expert journalist from Yemen, e Marco Doneda, humanitarian worker, who has just returned from his mission as coordinator of the maternal and child hospital in Doctors Without Borders a Mocha.

Milano – It will follow at 8.15 pm the presentation of the course e Yemeni dinner the care of Taha Aljalal, the only Yemeni cook in Italy: a real journey to discover the cuisine of this land, presented with a cycle of four lessons (of which this is the opening night), each focused on a verb that corresponds to a way of treating meat, combining it with spices. Actions that have the intent of mirroring the different influences that have followed one another in Yemen over time: crushing, cutting and grinding, for example, is linked to the Ottomans, while spicing and smoking to the Indians. Not surprisingly, Yemen is called that middle ground between India and Turkey and, despite the different influences, Yemeni cuisine was then built over time in a unique way, as often happens when one is contaminated. For this reason, today it is considered a truly unique tradition.

Yemen is a country split in two, where there has been fighting for six years a war that caused nearly twenty thousand deaths with a devastating impact on the population. In Mocha, in the south of the country, the hospital of Doctors Without Borders, built in 2018 near the front line to treat war wounded and assist emergency responders, is the only emergency surgical center within 200 kilometers for a population of half a million. In addition to guaranteeing free and quality surgical and obstetric assistance, the teams of Doctors Without Borders they also deal with the training of nurses and midwives.

The cost of the evening is 30 euro. To participate it is mandatory book online and be in possession of the Green Pass.

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