Davis Cup, the program: Italy against USA and Colombia | News

Davis Cup, the program: Italy against USA and Colombia | News
Davis Cup, the program: Italy against USA and Colombia | News

The 2021 Davis Cup Finals in tennis kick off today and will end on Sunday 5 December: three cities, Madrid (Spain), Innsbruck (Austria) and Turin (Italy) will be involved during the first group stage and quarter-finals, while the semifinals and finals will be played in the Iberian capital. L’Italy, inserted in Group E, will play in Turin on Friday 26 November at 16.00 against USA, which Saturday 27 November at 16.00 against the Colombia.

Group stage

Thursday 25th November
Canada-Sweden (Group B) 16:00
France-Czech Republic (Group C) 16:00
Croatia-Australia (Group D) 16:00

Friday 26th November
Spain-Ecuador (Group A) 16:00
Serbia-Austria (Group F) 16:00
USA-Italy (Group E) 16:00

Saturday 27th November
Kazakhstan-Sweden (Group B) 10:00 am
Russia-Ecuador (Group A) 16:00
France-Great Britain (Group C) 10:00 am
Serbia-Germany (Group F) 16:00
Australia-Hungary (Group D) 10:00 am
Italy-Colombia (Group E) 16:00

Sunday 28th November
Canada-Kazakhstan (Group B) 10:00 am
Spain-Russia (Group A) 16:00
Great Britain-Czech Republic (Group C) 10:00 am
Germany-Austria (Group F) 16:00
Croatia-Hungary (Group D) 10:00 am
USA-Colombia (Group E) 16:00

Quarter finals
Monday 29th November

Q1 Group D winner vs Group E winner (16:00)
Tuesday 30th November
Q2 Group C winner vs Group F winner (16:00)
Wednesday 1st December
Q3 Group B winner vs best runner-up (16:00)
Thursday 2nd December
Q4 Group A winner vs best runner-up (16:00)

Friday 3 December

S1 Winner Q1 vs Winner Q3 (16:00)
Saturday 4th December
S2 Winner Q4 vs Winner Q2 (1.00 pm)

Sunday 5th December

F1 Winner S2 vs Winner S1 (16:00)

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