Laura Grisi: The Measuring of Time, presentation of the retrospective monograph

Milano – On the occasion of the exhibition Laura Grisi: The Measuring of Time – ongoing until December 5, 2021 at the Muzeum Susch in the Engadine – Monday 29 November 2021 at 18.00 at Fm Center for Contemporary Art in Milan (at the Frigoriferi Milanesi) the presentation of the volume is scheduled The Measuring of Time, the first retrospective monograph dedicated to the Italian artist who died in 2017, which will be on the market in Europe starting from December 2021 and in America from February 2022.

Milano – Participants in the preview presentation of the volume Grażyna Kulczyk, founder of the Muzeum Susch and chairman of the Board of Directors of Art Stations Foundation Ch; Anke Kempkes, director of the Instituto Susch feminist research program; Marco Scotini, curator of the exhibition and publication, as well as artistic director of the Fn Center for Contemporary Art in Milan; And Valerie Da Costa, art historian, critic, curator and lecturer at the University of Strasbourg.

Milano – During the meeting, the videos of the Swiss director and cameraman are shown Claudio of Planta, the themes addressed by this first retrospective monograph are explored which, like the exhibition – created in collaboration with the Laura Grisi Archive in Rome and the P420 Gallery in Bologna – testifies to the singularity and innovative vision of the Italian artist within the history of contemporary art.

The Measuring of Time collects extensive documentation on the multifaceted practice, research and numerous travels of the artist, focusing mainly on the sixties and seventies; although her work has often been traced back to her alone Pop art italiana – if not completely neglected – Grisi from the beginning has worked well beyond this categorization, pertinently intercepting various lines of international artistic research and applying them in its original synthesis. Within a multifaceted activity that assumes as a basic condition that of voyage, Laura Grisi embodies a kind of stateless and nomadic female subjects which challenges the politics of identity, the univocity of representation and the unidirectionality of time.

The presentation is a free entry subject to availability, in compliance with anti Covid-19 regulations and by booking via email by Friday 26 November 2021.

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