The Italy of women’s padel rewrites history in Qatar

Female Italy writes history! To the World Cup in Qatar, the blue team led by Marcela Ferrari obtained a splendid third place, behind only Spain and Argentina: a placement never achieved in the world championship and which symbolizes the growth that the women’s movement has had in recent years. Chiara Pappacena, Carolina Bears, Giulia Sussarello, Carlotta Casali, Giorgia Marchetti, Valentina Tommasi, Emily Stellato and Erika Zanchetta were the architects of this fantastic bronze that projects the national team into the elite of the world padel: “It’s an indescribable emotion – the words of Marcela Ferrari – I was left without a voice at the end of the world championship and my hands still hurt from the applause these girls deserve, it was huge! Our strengths were group balance, teamwork, motivation and having clear goals in our heads“.

Marcela Ferrari’s balance sheet

The path of the national team was exciting: first place in the group with three wins against Belgium, Holland and Denmark and the icing on the cake of a 2-1 win against Brazil in the quarter-finals. Only Argentina has stopped the progress of the blue but the growth of our girls is now under everyone’s eyes: “Spain, Argentina and after Italy. A few years ago it was unthinkable especially for the level and size that the current padel has taken in the world – adds Marcela Ferrari – I hope this third place serves as motivation not to give up and continue to work and grow. Spain and Argentina at this moment are still at another level, but we will do everything possible, both the players and the coaching staff, to close the gap with the two great powers.“. The enthusiasm of third place does not stop Marcela Ferrari’s work, however. Ambition is part of the DNA of this group which is already projected towards future goals, with the desire to continue along the path of growth that has led the Italian team to to here: “We must not take a step back – concludes the coach – and continue to work, a improve in the game and with physical preparation. Finally, I would like to thank all the girls for this fantastic World Cup, the FIT for the support and you mass media for the space you dedicate to padel.“.


Italy womens padel rewrites history Qatar

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