Ring road: a glimpse from the Region “New route, now Rome will find the funds”

Ring road: a glimpse from the Region “New route, now Rome will find the funds”
Ring road: a glimpse from the Region “New route, now Rome will find the funds”

Ring road: a glimpse from the Region

“New route, now Rome will find the funds”

President Fontana: “The ministry insert the variant in the Anas program” – The Province had already carried out a feasibility study: cost 600 million and double lane


The Lombardy Region tries to clear the cards on the completion of the Como ring road: it definitively abandons the second lot of Pedemontana, but asks Rome to include as a priority, in the new Anas program contract, a variant that starts from Albavilla and arrives at the end of the current ring road, in the La Guzza area. A 600 million euro construction site that would allow on the one hand to overcome the obstacle constituted by the intervention of a private individual (Pedemontana) with all the difficulties in financing the case, on the other hand it would entrust to a public body such as Anas the necessary resources to complete the ‘Opera.

The route would also change: no longer a long tunnel under Lake Montorfano (which would raise costs to over 800 million euros), but a series of shorter tunnels, alternating with passages in the trenches, which would also allow the creation of two grafts on the provincial road to Bergamo, the 342, and on the road to Lecco respectively in the Orsenigo area and in the Albavilla area. Thus removing the junctions from Tavernerio, considered a particularly busy hub.

The design is not new, it is attached to a feasibility study by the provincial administration, dusted off by the offices of the Lombardy Region which formally requested the Ministry of Infrastructure to include the work in the Anas investment plan for the five-year period 2021-2025: ” The work – these are the words of the president Attilio Fontana – it must be carried out with the sole contribution of public resources. a strong investment by the state is therefore needed. The ministry asked the Regions which works, among those not financed, they consider priority: for Como we are asking for the completion of the ring road ».

“It is appropriate for Anas to implement the Como-Lecco variant as this is a necessary artery for connecting with its own network” are the words of the Regional Infrastructure Councilor Claudia Maria Terzi.

According to the Undersecretary in the Region Fabrizio Turba this is the last train for the Como ring road, and it must be taken: «We all work together because, if this opportunity runs out, we keep traffic. The work would not only remove the pressure of traffic on the city of Como and the urban belt, but would help and not a little from an environmental point of view given the amount of heavy vehicles passing along that route ».

“Como finally begins today a path that has been waiting for a solution for years” underlines for its part the president of the regional council, Alessandro Fermi.

The regional councilor of the Democratic Party is controversial, Angelo Orsenigo: «In fact this is the admission of a full-blown bankruptcy by the Lombardy Region. A failure that made the province of Como waste 15 years of time. An even more serious turnaround after the famous “Marshall Plan” made funds available for the most diverse interventions except that of the ring road ».

The Cinquestelle regional councilor asks for a different approach, Raffaele Erba: “We can and must work for more sustainable mobility solutions that are able to intercept the funds made available by the NRP”, or rather the national resilience recovery plan.

And while the announcement by the Region of wanting to pass the game on the completion of the ring road to Anas animated the political debate, in the late afternoon came the resignation with immediate effect of the president and director of Autostrada Pedemontana, the former minister from Lecco Roberto Castelli: “Inderogabile personal commitments” the motivation.


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