Amanda Knox against Rudy Guede: “He is free. And how should I feel?”

Amanda Knox against Rudy Guede: “He is free. And how should I feel?”
Amanda Knox against Rudy Guede: “He is free. And how should I feel?”

Amanda Knox, acquitted for the murder of Meredith Kercher, entrusted to a long post on Twitter her comment regarding the sentence discount decided by the Viterbo Surveillance Magistrate who sanctioned the freedom of Rudy Guede, the only one convicted of the crime of 22-year-old American student. In fact, after spending time in prison, Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, also initially accused, had been acquitted by the Supreme Court. Amanda writes: “Rudy Guede, the man who killed Meredith Kercher and falsely accused me, got a new sentence reduction. Now he is free and his relationship with the Italian justice is definitively terminated. How do you imagine that I feel? ”.

“There were his footprints in the blood”

On her blog, Knox continues to talk about the Ivorian who had chosen to be tried with an abbreviated procedure: “It was my destiny to endure the infamy of Meredith Kercher’s tragic death, an infamy that belongs to her forgotten killer: Rudy Guede. Despite leaving her DNA on Meredith’s body, despite leaving hers fingerprints in her blood, Guede has never been charged with murder. Instead, he was convicted on a minor charge long before my trial reached a verdict. “ The Seattle American then went on to recall Guede’s entire judicial process: “I’m not upset that Rudy Guede is free. I’m not upset because the reporters who continue to slander me to this day are instead humanizing him, citing his lawyers as saying he is ‘calm and well integrated’. I’m not upset that he’s been given a second chance. I believe, as Bryan Stevenson said, that everyone is more of the worst thing they have ever done. I think Rudy Guede also deserves a second chance. But I’m upset “.

“Continue to smear me”

He then added: “I do not wish anyone an unreasonably harsh sentence. I just wish him real rehabilitation. Guede’s lawyers say he’s on this path. Could be. But I know one thing: as long as he refuses to admit his crimes, to show true regret, I will continue to bear unfairly his infamy, I will continue to be held responsible for the pain of the Kerchers, I will continue to be defamed because I show no remorse for Guede’s crime ”.

Also on Twitter she recalled when she was unjustly sentenced to 26 years and that instead“Guede, whose fingerprints were found in Meredith’s blood, whose DNA was on her body, and who is fled immediately from the country while I was helping the police, he was sentenced to 30 years, reduced to 16 on appeal ”. And there are many posts that follow one another on Amanda’s profile, one after the other, like a river in flood.

Raffaele Sollecito also commented on the release of the Ivorian. To AdnKronos he said: “I’m just sorry that he never regretted what he did, that he killed a poor girl. I’m sorry that I was in prison for four years and Amanda and I risked being sentenced to a sentence for something we didn’t do thanks to his lies. In front of the television he changed his statements trying to put my figure and that of Amanda in between in this crime “.

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