How to see Netflix movies not available in Italy? Use PureVPN!

How to see Netflix movies not available in Italy? Use PureVPN!
How to see Netflix movies not available in Italy? Use PureVPN!

The use of Virtual Private Network it is necessary to access content not normally available in your country. To us Italians it is particularly useful in the case of watching movies and TV series from popular streaming services like Netflix or Prime Video. Or again, it is used to access entire platforms not present in Italy. All VPN services allow all of this, but today we are going to tell you about PureVPN and what this platform offers: from the competitive price to the particularly wide coverage.

Movies and TV series are all viewable thanks to PureVPN

It will have happened to more people to start Netflix o Amazon Prime Video, search for content marked as available by Google and then find yourself in front of the wording “Not available in your country”. This is always a “blow to the heart” for movie fans. Sports fans will also have felt sorry to see that their favorite competition is only available on a foreign streaming service.

Fortunately, PureVPN has 6,500+ servers located in hundreds of countries around the world. By doing so, it allows you to watch your favorite content without a hitch. The supported streaming platforms are many: Netflix, HBO, Disney +, hulu, NBC, BBC iPlayer, BT and ESPN are just a few. In short, you get it: thanks to PureVPN you can bypass geographic restrictions to have unlimited access to movies, TV series and sports content.

The price you will have to pay is really low: thanks to 82% discount for Black Friday 2021 just spend € 1.74 per month for the two-year plan. By adding the exclusive Punto Informatico coupon you will have an additional 10% cut. By doing so, you will further reduce the final cost to 37.75 Euros overall. The payment can therefore be made by credit card, PayPal and also with Google Pay. Finally, if you have technical problems or other reports you can always refer to the always available customer assistance, before proceeding with any refund within 31 days of purchase.

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