“At 14 I felt alone, I did it for money. Today I work at the supermarket “

“At 14 I felt alone, I did it for money. Today I work at the supermarket “
“At 14 I felt alone, I did it for money. Today I work at the supermarket “

The girl of the Parioli she was a fourteen-year-old alone in a world of adults too busy with themselves to care for her. An adult was her mother who accepted money from a fourteen-year-old. “Where do you get them?” “Don’t worry, I’m selling cocaine.” Adult was the man who brought her clients. For him too, evidently, money mattered more than anything else, including his conscience and the life of a little girl. Adults, sometimes elderly, were the men who used her body.

Now Marianna is told in a special in two episodes produced by Crime + Investigation aired yesterday and this evening on Sky channel 119. This conversation has, for me and for her, above all one purpose: to open the eyes of those parents who, for infinite reasons, prefer not to hear, not to speak. Don’t see. Let’s start with today’s Marianna.

You are 22, a job, a boyfriend. How did you rebuild your life?
«I was in the community while my mother was in prison, convicted of exploiting child prostitution. I started studying again, I graduated in advertising graphics and I am a tattoo artist. Today I work in a supermarket, I am at the counter ».

You were a Parioli girl, but there was no money in the house. How important was it, how much still is it for a teenager to have access to clothes, bags, shoes that cost hundreds or thousands of euros?
“Owning them, exhibiting them, made me feel part of a group, of a social class. Today they have no value for me, I don’t feel the need to belong to a group because I show off a bag, but for the girl of eight years ago it meant filling a void. Buying that expensive shirt meant thinking about me at a time when I felt no one was thinking about it. It was my way of loving myself. The same thing for taxis. I spent a lot of money on a taxi. Because? Because I liked that someone came to get me, to accompany me. I felt alone and tried not to be ».

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At what age did your mother stop accompanying you and picking you up? What was your relationship with her?
“Up until I was 14, the relationship was one of mutual trust. I was doing well in school and she trusted me. Then I started going out at night, I told her a lot of lies and she trusted her because up until then I had been a model daughter. If I had to give parents one piece of advice, it is not to be satisfied with the answers of the children. Speak, listen, raise your antennae when you understand that something is wrong. Parents have sensors they cannot ignore. “

But your mother ignored them for a long time, those sensors. Because?
“This is something to ask of her. She chose not to see because she was alone and basically didn’t know what to do. He had lost his job, I was in the most difficult phase of adolescence… He tried to ask for help but it wasn’t enough ».

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“The person she spoke to advised her to report me, but she didn’t feel it. I told my mother that I could get the money by selling cocaine. ‘

Would it have been better to report you?
“Yes. I with my son would do it. If I couldn’t handle it I would. Of course I understand that admitting failure is not easy for a mother. “

For months, between July and October eight years ago, your 14-year-old life was that of a call girl. But didn’t the adults around you notice it? Your mother, your grandmother, the teachers when the school year began… Did anyone say anything?
“My grandmother is a great woman, a worker, but I saw little of her in those months, a couple of times a week. She noticed that I was ill, but with adolescents adults tend to think “it’s age” ».

And your mother?
“My mother knows she was wrong. When she got out of prison and even earlier she apologized so much and cried so much. It wasn’t she who asked me for the money, I gave it to her to help her. I would like to say to those parents who pretend not to see because they don’t know what to do “Ask for help instead. It is a sign of strength and not of weakness ”».

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But the school? Did they not even notice anything at school between September and October?
«I used to go to Julius Caesar. A couple of professors approached me to say “Don’t throw yourself away”. But then I really stopped going to school and then they started calling my mother. “Look, if your daughter doesn’t attend, you have to pick her up from school” ».

That’s all?
“Yes, but even when the teachers tried to talk to me, I didn’t listen to them.”

“Because I didn’t trust adults and didn’t recognize authority. I was convinced that I could understand and learn everything by myself. The turning point came when I started going out in the evening. Being out at night made me feel like an adult. My mother used to tell me “Come back at midnight”… ”.

At midnight at fourteen?
«Yes, but in any case I returned at 3 or 4. I was a child convinced that I had become an adult. And it wasn’t easy for my mother to manage me. She was alone. ‘

Any advice to mothers who find themselves managing adolescence alone?
“Keep the family together. Separating doesn’t mean hating your ex. We must put aside the anger, even the reasons of resentment, and focus on the child. Think of him first. “

Then there were the other adults. The man who provided you with customers …
“During the years of the community I tried to think of myself and that’s it. That man used us, like so many others he used our bodies. He did it for money, but whoever does such a thing must have such a void inside… ».

He was selling you. And the others, the men who bought you?>
There are three hypotheses. Or they believed our lie when we said we were 18 and didn’t notice the difference between a 14 year old and an 18 year old. Or they covered their eyes. Or…”.

“Or… Or he liked it. They knew and were attracted to us for that. Because we were little girls. However, there is another group of adults who should be ashamed. Those who have cataloged me with two words put on the cross. Who wrote my name in the newspapers even though I was a minor ».

In short, we journalists.
«Those who asked ‘How much did you get for a threesome? Or who have titled “Minors Prostituting themselves for Cocaine”. No: minors prostituted themselves because they had a problem. I decided to participate in this documentary also to make my bell heard. On TV they broadcast an interview that I never did, with a masked voice … I was a prostitute for money when I was 14, but they, they didn’t do it for money? Those who wrote on TV or in the newspapers without thinking about the violence they were using against us why did they do it? “

And today? Do you trust people or not?
«Yes, I have faith in mankind because if I have made it, everyone can do it. Just get out of the imaginary bubble that sometimes imprisons us. I have faith, yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t have made the documentary. My boyfriend, my family are worried about the consequences… There will be negative comments, again. But I have faith. Even in viewers ».


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