Ainè in concerto: Milano Music Week 2021

Milano – Friday, November 26, 2021 at 21.00 on Biko of Milan hosts, as part of the program of the Milano Music Week 2021, the live of Elder which presents its new ep Alchemy con special guest.

Milano – Alchemy is the recording project that sanctions the return of Elder on the music scene after a two-year break: the ep looks like a real bubble that sees the alternation of doubts and awareness, fears and desires, a long tunnel where the artist was finally able to see one glimmer of light, the same one that has decided to sing and tell. The project is tinged with experimental colors and is characterized by sounds that draw mainly from music soul, neo soul and fromr&b Italian. Five of the seven tracks of the ep also see the featuring of many well-known artists of the Italian music scene, including Davide Shorty, Clementino, Torment, Serena Brancale e Sissi.

Milano – Tickets 10 euros + presale rights, with Arci card and Green Pass required. Further information on email.

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Ainè concerto Milano Music Week

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