the Suk de Noel charity market is back in Milan

Invitation, dates, times, info and map to get there: what more could you want? Now it’s not enough to go: the Suk de Noel, the Milanese Afro-Christmas market, is back in the city. And we can already carry on with Christmas gifts …

The appointment is for Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November, from 10 to 20. After the 2020 break due to the pandemic, the Christmas Suk. In the spaces of the parish of S. Maria di Lourdes (entrance from Via Paolo Lomazzo 57), the traditional African Christmas market is back. And as per tradition, the proceeds from sales go to the mission of the Consolata fathers in Camp Garba, Kenya.

The banana leaf nativity scenes

A “warm” place in which to take refuge from the cold of the city and in which to find alternative gift ideas. Come on ceramic jewelry Good banana leaf nativity scenes. For children there are sustainable toys (made from recycled wool or rubber). For mothers, the baskets to store them. In fact really usable for everything. These and all the other pieces on display are handmade by the Masai and Turkana tribes. And they come from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The timeless ippos …

Christmas gifts: the great classics of the Suk de Noel

There will also be the great classics of Suk de Noël. The precious objects and objects in soapstone. The Masai blankets. But also Kitenge and Kanga fabrics. A personal tip: don’t miss the unmissable ones Kikoy tuttofare. They are truly the perfect gift for friends, relatives, colleagues. They can use them as sarongs, scarves or even, in the case of extra dimensions, as tablecloths and bedspreads. The second personal suggestion is to give one first of all to yourself.


Info, address, timetables

In conclusion. If you are in Milan on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November, take a trip to Suk de Noël. Parish of S. Maria di Lourdes, entrance from Via Paolo Lomazzo 57, open all day from 10 to 20. Admission is free but limited, and inside the use of a mask is mandatory.

It’s Christmas time already …



Suk Noel charity market Milan

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