Milan, Seniors: the new Curami and Proteggimi counter opens, providing a single access to various services

Milan, Seniors: the new Curami and Proteggimi counter opens, providing a single access to various services
Milan, Seniors: the new Curami and Proteggimi counter opens, providing a single access to various services

( Milan, 23 November 2021 – 110 square meters in the heart of the city of Milan to offer, in one place, a wide range of integrated services dedicated to the care and assistance of elderly people and respond to specific needs of each family. It is the new proximity desk of the CuraMI & ProteggiMI project that opens its doors in Corso Magenta 42: promoted by the Ravasi Garzanti Foundation with the collaboration of the Pasquinelli Foundation, it joins the desk already active since May 2020 in zone 7 (via Giasone del Maino, 16 ). The services provided are made available by a network of 3 organizations active in the area and specialized in taking care of vulnerable people: the Eureka social cooperatives! e Piccolo Principe and the InCerchio association.

Each CuraMI & ProteggiMI counter is organized to guarantee a single access to all assistance services for elderly people and to offer a complete and correct response to families who are looking for information, assistance and support to address the different needs deriving from the aging of a their relative and the choice to accompany him in a safe and protected way, so as to improve the quality of life of the elderly and of the entire family unit.

“We are very happy to be able to inaugurate this new space dedicated to families: an easily accessible, but also beautiful and welcoming place destined to become the heart of the CuraMI & ProteggiMI project, a reference point for those looking for the best solution of services offered for the well-being of the elderly person, within a personalized and continuous path ”comments Carla Piersanti, coordinator of the CuraMI & ProteggiMi project for the Ravasi Garzanti Foundation.

“The collaboration with the Ravasi Garzanti Foundation stems from the common idea that elderly people are a precious resource for our society and for this reason it is essential to take care of them and protect them, as the name of the service reminds us. We are only at the beginning of this journey together but we are also seeing interest from private partners who have already chosen to make their contribution to the project ”confirms Giuseppina Antognini, president of the Pasquinelli Foundation.

Born thanks to the Ravasi Garzanti Foundation, which promotes innovative initiatives to help redesign the city by emphasizing both the needs and the potential of a universe of elderly people in constant growth and dynamic transformation, the new branch also counts on the support of the Pasquinelli Foundation, which operates actively in Lombardy with the aim of making available the resources necessary for the development of social initiatives to support the most fragile sections of society, from children to the elderly.

The branches are therefore able to respond to the request of families to have a single point of reference to meet the care needs of their elderly, a need that the pandemic has made even more urgent.

Search for personnel for family and home assistance, training of caregivers and family assistants, fiscal and administrative practices are the services offered on the assistance front. In the area of ​​rights, advice is offered in the field of legal protection and support administration. Relief services and services for the removal of architectural barriers in domestic environments are part of the residential package. Finally, for the well-being of the person, the services offered concern counseling and psychological support, cognitive stimulation, pet therapy and the new project for the adaptation of the living environments “Casa su Misura”.

Access to the services takes place both face-to-face and by telephone (all contact methods are available on:

Some services are free, such as information and guidance to administrative support, others require a controlled contribution; in cases of poverty, the Foundation evaluates a dedicated economic support intervention.

Ravasi Garzanti Foundation dedicates important resources and skills to CuraMI & ProteggiMI branches, making it possible and efficient the network of 3 institutions of the Third Sector of the city, specialized in care services for fragile people, which in practice provide the services and share the same vision of longevity and centrality of the elderly.

Cooperativa Eureka !, active in family assistance, training and support for caregivers, also has the role of coordinating the CuraMi & ProteggMI network; Associazione InCerchio specializes in legal advice for frail people; Cooperativa Piccolo Principe provides support in particular to people with dementia, family assistance and pet therapy.

In recent months, from January to September, the CuraMi & ProteggiMI branches recorded over 690 contacts (80% from family members, 20% from the elderly themselves), over 250 interviews for needs analysis and guidance, 313 requests for various services (especially for assistance family, legal protection, psychological support for caregivers, cognitive stimulation). Among the most requested services we find the search for carers who, in this particular historical moment, is also accompanied by specific training relating to the prevention measures of Covid-19 and legal protection.

For info and contacts:

[email protected] and toll-free number: 800 681 614 (Monday to Friday 9 am-6pm)

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