Milan, “Prima spread” celebrates its tenth edition and spreads the energy of “Macbeth” throughout the city

Milan, “Prima spread” celebrates its tenth edition and spreads the energy of “Macbeth” throughout the city
Milan, “Prima spread” celebrates its tenth edition and spreads the energy of “Macbeth” throughout the city

“First Widespread”, the event co-designed by the municipality of Milan, Department of Culture, yes Edison, brings the culture and artistic excellence of Teatro alla Scala in all the municipalities of the city spreading from the center to the suburbs. The review invites you to deepen and follow the Prima Scala on 7 December even without going to the Theater: the work chosen for the Premiere of 2021 is the Macbeth from Giuseppe Verdi under the direction of Riccardo Chailly in a new production directed by Davide Livermore.

Give her Tobacco factories a Urban Cultural Sea, from the House of Charity at the Santeria Toscana, even this year First Widespread lights up all the neighborhoods of Milano and offers a program with over 80 free events open to all. In addition, on the evening of 7 December, the Premiere will be broadcast live in 34 locations across the nine municipalities, even reaching Milan Opera House of Prison Theater and the PuntoZero Beccaria Theater at theCesare Beccaria Penal Institute for minors.

“Edison is a responsible energy operator who is committed to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates,” he says Cristina Parenti, senior vice president Communication & External Relations di Edison. “We are very satisfied and proud to be once again alongside the Municipality of Milan and the Teatro alla Scala in the organization and promotion of Prima Diffusa”, he continues Family members. “A unique cultural event in the world, in which we have always believed since its first edition in 2011. Prima Diffusa is an excellent example of sustainable development through the enhancement of cultural heritage and is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for which every the individual has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to participate in scientific advancement and its benefits “.

“At Macbeth’s Castle” is the event that inaugurates Prima Diffusa 2021 and to be held at Sforzesco Castle December 1st at 6pm. It is a theatrical listening guide, conceived and edited byTeatro alla Scala Academy based on the work of Macbeth with the participation of the professor and musicologist Fabio Sartorelli, enriched by pieces chosen and interpreted by successful young actors and young Soloists of the Academy of Specialization for Opera Singers of the Teatro alla Scala.

This year, each screening will be preceded by a listening guide in live or recorded form which will guarantee the entire audience an explanation of the work. Another novelty is the show “Macbeth Unplugged” staged in three evenings at the Santeria Paladini, at the Spirit de Milan and at the Urban Cultural Sea. In this drama, called by the actors “the Scottish tragedy”, comic, lyrical and dramatic moments alternate in which the audience is directly involved and accompanied by the actors within the secrets hidden between the lines of this great Shakespearean classic.

On 2 December at 18.30 is scheduled at the Cineteca Milan at Interactive Museum of Cinema the lyric recital, with the participation of Neri Marcorè, of the soloists of the Academy of Specialization for Opera Singers of the Teatro alla Scala who will pay homage to the works of the first compositional season of Giuseppe Verdi. To celebrate the ten years of the festival, on the afternoon of December 3, at the headquarters of the Teatro alla Scala Academy in via Santa Marta, it will be possible to visit the exhibition Accademia Aperta – Ten years of Prima Diffusa. The exhibition itinerary retraces the salient phases from 2011 to today, through photographic material, video collages, costumes and props. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a demonstration of theatrical make-up and wigs to bring the audience closer to the backstage of a show.

This edition of Prima Diffusa also deepens and feeds the debate on social sustainability and inclusion which are the two founding values ​​of the concept of First Widespread. In particular, two talks will be held: the first “From Don Giovanni to Macbeth, ten years of the First in the city between inclusion and sustainability” will be held on 2 December at 6 pm at the PuntoZero Beccaria Theater at the Cesare Beccaria Penal Institute for minors and theCouncilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan, Tommaso Sacchi, and the superintendent and artistic director of the Teatro alla Scala, Dominique Meyer, moderated by the reporter Edoardo Vigna. The second talk will be on December 9 at the Mudec Auditorium and consists of a round table with the professionals of the latest generation of the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala to discuss the themes of sustainable development applied to culture and artistic productions, at which they will speak the set designer Valentina Volpi, the costume designer, set designer and director Gianluca Falaschi, the person in charge of the maintenance of buildings and installations of the Teatro alla Scala Mario Pan and the light designer Valerius Tiberius.

Over a century ago, on December 26, 1883, Edison he illuminated for the first time with electric light the show of the Prima, the Mona Lisa by Amilcare Ponchielli. Since 2011, every year, Edison has made sure that the energy of the Prima was renewable and offset its CO2 emissions.

In 2018 the lighting project of the La Scala Theater Museum, with the direction of the light designer Marco Filibeck, which marked the resumption of the technical collaboration between the Theater and Edison.

In 2020 Edison became founder and supporter of the Teatro alla Scala, demonstrating how the historical collaboration between two more than one hundred-year-old institutions is still a virtuous example of excellence and a sure reference for the future.

Since April 2021, the company has been the sole supplier of Foundation of the Teatro alla Scala for 100% green electricity, avoiding the emission into the environment of 2,600 tons of CO2 in a year, that is the quantity absorbed by about 180 plants. Also in 2021, the collaboration between the foundation and Edison continues thanks to the project “Scala Green”, which promotes the Foundation’s path of energy sustainability and decarbonisation and which this year translates into the development of an energy diagnosis useful to outline the next initiatives of a progressive energy transition plan of the Foundation in all its city offices.

The experience of Edison in the field of efficiency and the spirit of innovation nurtured by collaborations with major universities in Milan have made it possible to reconstruct the digital energy model of the Theater and ex-Ansaldo Laboratories and the reproduction of their behavior over a year in relation to the opening days of the offices, the number of performances and the flow of employees, artists, spectators and visitors. In particular, thanks to an accurate analysis of the facilities of the former Ansaldo Theater and Laboratories, of their consumption profiles and the digital energy modeling of the buildings, the necessary interventions were identified to reduce their environmental impact by avoiding emitting into the atmosphere 202 tons of CO2 per year. For this project, Edison surveyed 1,200 rooms, collected data from over 900 plants and analyzed 6,000 light bulbs.

Energy diagnosis and energy efficiency of Laboratories of the Scala of 2019 which concerned an area of ​​20,000 square meters and the efficiency of the globes that decorate the “Piermarini” room and the internal lighting system of the stages (interventions that have seen the replacement of over 600 incandescent lamps with as many high-efficiency LED lamps, allowing a reduction in electricity consumption of more than 76% and avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of 92 tons of CO2 per year), are the most recent of the interventions that Edison has carried out to accompany the Teatro alla Scala in its path of energy sustainability.

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