Passerini ruling: first reinstatement to work without a Green pass. The lawyer Torriero: “Historical ruling”

Since its inception, the Green Pass it has always been at the center of numerous discussions, between those who are in favor, and those who even take to the streets to fight it. With regard to the Green Certification, there was so much discussion, reasoned, even animatedly, above all on its effective effectiveness in containing the spread of Covid.

Passerini ruling

In Italy, this morning (November 22, 2021, ed.) The first sentence for the re-employment of a doctor without a Green pass came out. Adele Passerini, dell’Asl Roma H6, it was in fact, by order of the Labor Judge of the Court of Velletri, dr. Giulio Cruciani, immediately relocated at the Central Rate from Marino. The reasons concern the personal dignity e professional of the employee, with the suspension from work seen solely as an exceptional event.

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“Historical measure”

The lawyer who followed Adele Passerini, David Torriero, spoke about it exclusively to our newspaper, releasing the following statements: “It is a historic measure because it is the first rehiring of a health worker without a Green Pass. Certainly – he affirms – puts jurisprudence before a reflection. As for the other health workers in the same conditions as Passerini, it is necessary to evaluate case by case “.

“Suspension from work should be an extreme ratio”

Regarding the suspension of work seen as extrema ratio, Torriero declares: “Italy is a Republic that is founded on work and therefore suspension from work should be an exceptional event, especially if the right to health is guaranteed through the use of so-called tampons to be done every 48 hours, as required by current regulations “.

“Green Pass dividing measure but necessary”

“I believe the Green Pass – continues the lawyer – is one dividing measure But necessary until politics takes its course, that is, it does not propose alternative measures. As far as government policy is concerned, I think it is quite confusing. It deserves a planned and different vision“.

“Vaccination obligation? Here’s what I say … “

“I consider the vaccination obligation a ‘abstract hypothesis and at the same time one optimal solution. From a practical point of view it is inapplicable because it is not possible to coercively vaccinate people. It is an optimal solution from a purely theoretical point of view. Then in making this proposal concrete, I believe there are gods implementation problems. This because our legal system prevents the forced use of vaccines. It is an application problem ”concludes the lawyer.

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