Meredith crime, Rudy Guede towards liberation 14 years after the Kercher crime –

Meredith crime, Rudy Guede towards liberation 14 years after the Kercher crime –
Meredith crime, Rudy Guede towards liberation 14 years after the Kercher crime –
from Fulvio Fiano

The judge’s ok to discount for good behavior is awaited. The new life between basketball and cinema. In the morning he goes to Caritas in Viterbo and helps a priest in his functions, at lunch he serves at the soup kitchen and in the afternoon catalogs books at the Criminological Studies Center

On November 20, 2007 Rudy Guede was arrested in Germany for the murder of the Englishman Meredith Kercher in a student house in Perugia. On Saturday, exactly 14 years later, (but the request was filed yesterday) he accrued the terms for his early release compared to the 16 that were inflicted on him as a definitive sentence, the only one guilty of a crime that remained an unsolved mystery for a long time and which continues to raise controversy and reactions every time it comes back to talk. The request of the lawyer Fabrizio Ballarini, who assists the Ivorian, is already on the table of the Supervisory Court, who by the hour could put his seal on a decision that by law appears to be taken for granted. Its an exemplary story of redemption.

To social services

From December 2020 Guede, 35, no longer in prison but entrusted to social services. In the morning he is assigned to the Caritas of Viterbo and helps the priest of Santa Maria della Verit in his functions, at lunch he serves at the soup kitchen, in the afternoon he catalogs books at the Criminological Studies Center, the association that for two years, since 2016 (when the Supreme Court intervened) in 2018 asked in vain to review the process and whose representatives are also his legal tutors. With about 400 euros of pay, he lives in rent in a small house in the historic center of the city of Tuscia, where until November 20 he was obliged to return by 10 pm, the last remaining limitation to his freedom, together with the prohibition to leave the city. province without permission.

The discount

In these 14 years, due to his good conduct as a prisoner, he has accrued 1,100 days of penalty discount, to which are now added another 45. In the Mammagialla penitentiary in Viterbo he graduated with honors in historical sciences of the territory and international cooperation
and is taking the major in modern literature dealing with film storytelling. His life restarted in Viterbo. Organize basketball and chess tournaments with the patronage of the Municipality and, as if he wanted to reconnect the threads with his life at the time, he attended a group of twenty-year-olds. Those who know him describe him as breezy and caciarone, who does not hide his past but never talks about it after ten years in the newspapers.

The future

Having regained his freedom, he would like to find a real job that will allow him, among other things, to face legal costs and compensation for the Kercher family.. Guede has always declared himself innocent, without ever changing the version according to which on the evening of that November 2 he was closed in the bathroom with headphones after having had a relationship with Meredith (and in fact he will be framed by traces of DNA). He claims he went to Germany for fear of being involved in the investigations that had already led to the arrest of Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox (acquitted in 2015 after an initial sentence of 25 and 26 years and four of pre-trial detention). The news of his possible release, anticipated by the site Tusciaweb, would arrive about a month and a half earlier than the natural deadline of January 4, 2022.

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