Fourth Auditel-Censis report: Italy multiscreen

Fourth Auditel-Censis report: Italy multiscreen
Fourth Auditel-Censis report: Italy multiscreen

The Censis has published the fourth annual report, based on the processing of data provided by Auditel, which photographs the changes that have taken place in Italian homes in terms of connections, devices and media consumption. The most evident data is represented by theincrease in the number of smart TVs and screens in general, to which the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly contributed.

Italy multiscreen

The fourth Censis-Auditel relationship is the final result of over 20,000 interviews conducted with families and individuals between April and July 2021. The data first of all show that Italy is a country multiscreen. The pandemic and therefore the increased number of hours spent at home have accelerated the digitization process. Inside homes there are approximately 119.4 million screens (7 million more than in 2019) with one average of 5 screens per family. In particular, smartphones and smart TV.

The latest generation TVs are increasingly used to follow programs broadcast simultaneously on digital terrestrial via the Internet, to create a personalized schedule with the various streaming services and to browse websites. The report also highlights that some 700,000 households do not own a TV and that 6 million TVs were purchased over 10 years ago. Beyond 27 million TVs (64.2% of the total) is not compatible with the standard DVB-T2 of the new digital terrestrial.

The 90,2% of households (about 21.6 million) have an Internet connection, while over 14 million households (59.4%) have a fixed and mobile connection. The majority of Italians (about 42 million) access the Internet via smartphones, but connections with notebooks, tablets and PCs have increased. 35.1% of households have neither PCs nor tablets. The figure rises to 72,8% for families with socio-economic difficulties. The full report is available at this link (PDF).


Fourth AuditelCensis report Italy multiscreen

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