died 21-year-old French student. He had gone up to look at the view with friends

Tragedy, probably an accident, at dawn near the Termini Station a Roma. A 21-year-old French student fell from the Santa Bibiana tower. Rescue was useless after the flight of about 20 meters. On the spot 118, police and firefighters who recovered the body.

He falls from Torre near Termini: French student dies


According to an initial reconstruction of the incident, it seems that the boy climbed the external staircase of the tower together with a couple of friends to look at the panorama of Rome from above, when it slipped into an internal cistern. Polfer investigates the matter.

Alarm given by a friend

Investigators are listening to friends who had spent the evening with him to reconstruct what happened. The hypothesis is that it is an accident. A friend sounded the alarm. According to what was reconstructed, at the end of an evening with a couple of friends he had climbed the tower at the entrance of the Termini station to look at the city from above. It is not excluded that they had consumed alcohol. The toxicological tests will ascertain this. The boy was in Rome for study reasons.


died #21yearold French student view friends

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