Drama on the east ring road of Milan: a young man overwhelmed and killed

Last night there east ring road of Milan it was the scene of a tragic accident whose implications are still not too clear. A young man in his twenties was hit by a car at the Camm junction.

Drama on the east ring road of Milan: the boy was walking down the street

The accident occurred around 3.30. According to the first reconstructions, the young twenty-year-old was walking there east ring road of Milan. The reasons why the boy was there alone at that time are not clear. The boy is thought to have previously had an accident with his car and got out looking for help. Due to the darkness, however, the car did not notice his presence, overwhelming him. The poor victim would have been thrown by the impact from meters away.

Rescuers found him with several multiple fractures all over his body. The rush to the Città Studi emergency room was practically useless: after a short time the young man died of his injuries.


Drama east ring road Milan young man overwhelmed killed

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