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the track of a director behind the raids

the track of a director behind the raids
the track of a director behind the raids

Almost certainly that apartment had been eyeing him for some time and in the end she managed to occupy it with the minor daughter. Since last July one 40-year-old Roma citizen – the same immortalized in many videos while helping her friend to take away her things from the house regularly assigned to Ennio Di Lalla but illegally occupied – she lives in a house owned by the INPS and does not intend to leave. Via Calpurnio Fiamma, number 130: a few hundred meters from the apartment reassigned to the legitimate tenant Di Lella there is another one that last summer was released by the regular assignee but immediately occupied. It was a matter of hours, perhaps a few days from the old woman’s exit to the abusive takeover of the Roma. And on Wednesday the National Institute of Social Security went to the place to check the status of the buildings owned by him together with the soldiers of the Carabinieri.


An inspection that revealed the abuse. The apartment is part of a decommissioning plan together with others but the institution cannot actually put it on the market. Already in July, when the abuse was ascertained, the INPS regularly filed a complaint for illegal occupation and – obviously – they asked for its eviction but there is still no trace of the executive decree. Moral? The woman, already known by the police for precedents against the patrimony, remains where she is. The residents of the district themselves complain of their presence: «Almost four months have passed since July – snaps Antonia – but how is it possible that no action is taken? Among other things, there is also a safety problem ». In the apartment there are no connections, neither gas nor electricity but the carabinieri, led by Major Piero Orlando, during the inspection were able to ascertain other irregularities for which the woman was reported.


In the apartment, the military found two gas cylinders, one empty in the corridor and another in the kitchen. They were used by the woman to cook. Not only to make up for the lack of electricity, as the carabinieri were able to ascertain, the woman connected herself to a foreign public electricity meter and was reported while the cylinders were seized. But he still remains inside the apartment because an eviction decree is formally required to allow the police to intervene. Then there is the fact that the apartment, unlike Ennio Di Lalla’s, was occupied while it was empty, so the evacuation practices are slow.

In via Pasquale del Giudice in Don Bosco the situation was cleared more quickly but now it is different. It certainly appears singular how the illegal occupant of that house is a friend of the 40-year-old who has taken possession, without having the right to, of the INPS apartment located at a distance of just 800 meters. That there is only one direction behind it? The question is also posed by the forces of order who have launched a series of investigations to understand whether in Don Bosco as in other neighborhoods there is a “plot” that makes it possible to identify vacant or temporarily empty properties to be occupied easily. Throughout the capital, there are hundreds and hundreds of “wild” occupations among the buildings of the Ater, those of the Municipality and the houses of institutions such as the INPS.



track director raids

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