“More than 100 buildings checked, no critical issues”

From schools to playrooms, from rsa to sports facilities, passing through markets, bridges and various municipal buildings. They have been more than hundred the controlled buildings in just over 10 hours by the teams of the Municipality of Livorno and the Civil Protection, already operational a few moments after the 3.5 degree earthquake that at 6.21 on Saturday 20 November made the city jump. Otto teams in the field, each made up of two people (maintenance and plant engineering technicians), to sift through each structure. To these must be added all the municipal staff alerted for the emergency. And after almost 10 hours of inspections, fortunately, no criticality was detected. This is what emerges following the earthquake recorded a few hours ago in Livorno after the start-up of the municipal machine for the management of the emergency. A shock also felt in the neighboring territories.

Earthquake in Livorno, so much fear in the city. The testimonies: “Everything trembled”

“Now that the emergency is waning – explained the mayor Luca Salvetti – I would like to thank all the staff who immediately took action to deal with what happened, including institutions, municipal police, civil protection and firefighters”. Salvetti, together with the deputy mayor Libera Camici, the head of Civil Protection Lorenzo Lazzerini, the fire department head Stefano Sperti, the coordinator of the technical department of the Municipality Leonardo Gonnelli and the manager in charge of public works Roberto Pandolfi, outlined the situation. , explaining that “the civil protection plan prepared was respected”

The mayor: “No doubt about the closure of the schools, they will reopen on Monday”. Gonnelli: “For 10 years there hasn’t been such a high magnitude”

In fact, from the early hours of the morning, the municipal car was set in motion to manage critical issues. First of all, the decision to be taken regarding the schools, given that they would open shortly thereafter. “There is no doubt – underlined Salvetti – It was in fact necessary to assess the safety of all the buildings. On Monday, both schools and offices will reopen regularly”. At 11.10 60% of the structures had been checked, at 12.50 80% and at 15.30 the inspection tour was almost completed.

“For 10 years – added Leonardo Gonnelli – there was not such a high magnitude, this time it happened right in front of the Livorno coast. This type of wave, wave, represents a seismic activity that makes you feel fear, but it should be seen as’ beneficial ‘, in the sense that it weakens the’ Meloria system ‘, or – he concluded – the seismogenic area off the coast of Livorno, helping to prevent more powerful and really dangerous earth movements “. “It was a way – added Lorenzo Lazzerini, head of Civil Protection – to profitably test the new plan, verifying the speed of action of the municipal Civil Protection and the excellent collaboration with all the other institutions in the area, from the firefighters to the Region”.

The timeline of the emergency

  • 6.21 Earthquake
  • 6.31 Civil Protection Alert with contacts between mayor, council and civil protection
  • 6.55 After the first feedback and the first assessments on the critical situation, the mayor’s decision to close the schools
  • 7.05 Sending alerts, information messages to the population and press and social media releases for information to the city
  • 7.11 The deputy mayor and councilor for educational activities, Libera Camici, warns school managers, private services and private schools
  • 7.26 All communication made and citizenship informed
  • 8.15 CeSi open with technical supervision as required by the plan
  • 8.25 Information telephone calls received from the president of the region Eugenio Giani, the regional councilor Monia Monni and the regional civil protection officer
  • 8.33 Organization and commencement of technical inspections of public structures with managers and municipal staff
  • 11.10 60% of checks on public structures already carried out. No critical issues found
  • 12.50 80% of the checks on public structures already carried out. No critical issues found
  • 15.00 Checks for Carducci schools, playrooms and municipal nurseries under concession
  • 16.45 Inspection of municipal nurseries under concession
  • 17.00 Verification of about 100 buildings completed


buildings checked critical issues

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