today 230 cases and a positive rate of 4.68%

today 230 cases and a positive rate of 4.68%
today 230 cases and a positive rate of 4.68%

Covid-19 cases increase in the latest regional bulletin. There are 230 new positives (yesterday they were 162) emerged compared to 4,918 swabs. The positivity rate rises to 4.68%. The healed instead are 125, the only death in the last 24 hours was recorded in Cosenza. +3 hospitalizations in ordinary wards, -1 in intensive care. Today’s infections are divided as follows: Catanzaro +21, Cosenza +62, Crotone +16, Reggio Calabria +72, Vibo Valentia +58, Other region +1.

The regional bulletin

Calabria, to date, the total number of swabs performed have been 1.385.623 (+4.918). There are 90,811 people who have tested positive for Coronavirus (+230) compared to yesterday. Territorially, since the beginning of the epidemic, the positive cases are distributed as follows:

Catanzaro: active cases 312 (13 in ward, 5 in intensive care, 294 in home isolation); 11,611 cases closed (11,449 recovered, 162 deceased).

Cosenza: active cases 1,502 (47 in ward, 4 in intensive care, 1,451 in home isolation); 27,588 cases closed (26,919 recovered, 669 deceased).

Crotone: 172 active cases (5 in ward, 0 in intensive care, 167 in home isolation); cases closed 8,754 (8,636 recovered, 118 deceased).

Reggio Calabria: active cases 1,341 (36 in ward, 2 in intensive care, 1,303 in home isolation); 30,751 cases closed (30,334 recovered, 417 deceased).

Vibo Valentia: 340 active cases (10 in ward, 0 in intensive care, 330 in home isolation); 6,981 cases closed (6,877 recovered, 104 deceased).

The Asp of Cosenza communicates: “Today in the setting outside the region there is the hospitalization in Infectious Diseases AO CS of 1 known positive at home, previously communicated among the residents in the region”.

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