Covid Milan and Lombardy bulletin, today’s data Saturday 20 November

Lombardy continues to deal with the covid emergency. According to the bulletin of Saturday 20 November, released by the ministry of health, 1,930 new positives have been found in the region in the last 24 hours compared to 118,279 swabs. The ratio between tested cases and new infections is 1.6%, perfectly in line with yesterday’s data. In the metropolitan city of Milan there are 668 new covid positives, a slightly higher figure than that of Friday.

Admissions are still on the rise. Intensive care currently hosts 58 patients – 1 more than yesterday -, while 656 beds are occupied in the ordinary wards, an increase of 33 units compared to the previous 24 hours.

Five deaths from covid on the last day: the tragic toll since the beginning of the epidemic in Lombardy thus reaches 34,278 victims.

The white zone and vaccines

Despite the undeniable worsening of the numbers, however, on Friday Lombardy gained confirmation in the white zone, reached last June. It is “good news – announced the Lombard governor, Attilio Fontana -. We are still in the white zone for a week, I am very satisfied, but we need particular attention and a high guard, but this shows that vaccinations are an important barrier and this it’s something you have to say ad nauseam. “

“We must try to prevent the virus by not chasing it – added Fontana -. Surely the higher the percentage of vaccinated people, the higher the barrier, vice versa the risk that the virus starts to gallop again”.

And just to continue to accelerate with vaccinations, and with third doses, in the past few hours Pirellone has published what is technically called “expression of interest in verifying the presence of areas suitable for use as regional proximity vaccination centers” .

The idea, announced by the consultant for the vaccination campaign Guido Bertolaso, is to bring the administrations to the metro in Milan and to supermarkets throughout Lombardy. “We will try to extend the possibility of vaccinating in places where there is a large influx of people, where it is easier to reach all citizens. We have imagined, for example, to places like the Milan metro stations or to large retailers where, in any case, all the safety conditions envisaged for operations of this kind will be guaranteed thanks to the constant presence of medical and paramedical personnel “, underlined Fontana. “I hope – concluded the president – that this announcement will attract great interest not only in Milan, but also in the other provinces”.

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