“Accelerations on third dose and vaccines for an open Christmas”

“Accelerations on third dose and vaccines for an open Christmas”
“Accelerations on third dose and vaccines for an open Christmas”

“All the accelerations that you will see on third doses and measures that can protect against Christmas we will adopt them all”. This was said by the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, at the Festival of Religions, talking about the coronavirus situation in Italy. Di Maio added that he had heard the German interlocutors “who are much more worried than us because they have more worrying data”. “We will do our best – underlined speaking in the dialogue with Paolo Mieli on the prospects for peace in the Middle East – to build a country that can remain open in that period, because the fundamental point is that the alternative to Green Pass and vaccines is close and we don’t want to get to that. ”

“We must follow what the scientific community says – he remarked – which now tells us to do the third doses and go ahead with vaccinations”. “We cannot leave the country to anti-science – he said – 93% of people in intensive care are not vaccinated and therefore we must make an extra effort to get these people to get vaccinated and immunized against the virus, otherwise we will leave Italy in hand to people against science and what we will get is that we will pay for it all “.

EGYPT – Then on relations with Egypt: “Despite the Regeni tragedy and the Zaki case, both on the Libya side and on the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, we dialogue on multilateral issues with Egypt because one of those actors who at this moment has a influence both on the side of the Middle East and on the Mediterranean, such as Libya “.

“I want to say clearly, unfortunately, there are many differences in values ​​in this great enlarged Mediterranean – added Di Maio – but if we use the theme of ceasing dialogue with these actors to rightly claim to address the issue of rights, we are unable to address the multilateral issues we need. “

LIBYA – “We hope, trust and work for the elections of December 24 in Libya because with the popular vote of the new governance of Libya, the new Libyan institutions will allow us to stabilize a country that is Europe’s door to Africa” ​​said the minister of Foreign Affairs, reiterating that “we must be very close to our neighbors because the stability of Europe depends on them, not just the rest of the Mediterranean”. “It will not be easy, nothing is simple – continued Di Maio – also because we have to examine our conscience, we Westerners destabilized Libya 10 years ago, in Syria we Westerners took some choices”.

TERRORISM – “We must never let our guard down, I always want to thank our police, security and intelligence services, our prefectures for the work they do silently in trying to prevent people from radicalizing” said Di Maio, underlining that they are mostly “maverick dogs, lone wolves, many with mental disorders, who end up being radicalized even through video”, and praising the work of the Italian law enforcement agencies who avoid us “with great professionalism and silent work the worse”.

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